By Shai Yastrab, eleventh grade

Over Sukkos, a beautiful simchas beis hashoevah was held at the Lazari sukkah. Guests were introduced by Ovadia (eleventh grade) and Gavriel (tenth grade) Lazari at their arrival. They then were escorted into the lovely sukkah, complete with a see-through tarp!

The highlights of the night came in the form of divrei Torah from rosh mesivta Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman and tenth grade Gemara iyun rebbe, Rabbi Asher Stern, who stressed the importance of recognizing the transitory nature of material possessions.

BBQ, conversation, zemiros, divrei Torah, and a general positive atmosphere were the highlights of the evening. Keep in mind that all this was done in spite of the rain which only an hour before the scheduled simchas beis hashoeiva threatened to derail the evening. Mr. Lazari, however, was not deterred and declared, “Rain will not stop our simcha.” With good times like this, it is very hard to say anything but “I had a great vacation.” v


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