By Yochanan Gordon

Having already traveled a number of times with Kosherica, I recall a conversation I had with Helit Edelstein prior to our first cruising experience. She said to me that after experiencing a Kosherica cruise I would change the way I travel forever. Up until that point I had not been a seasoned traveler, and truth be told I still don’t get away all that often. However, when the need arises to just kick back for a week or so, I check the cruise roster at to see where I’ll be going next–because there is no other way!

It’s important to look away for a moment from the cruise aspect of the getaway and to focus on the company, that is Kosherica and the sterling reputation they have garnered for themselves for over 20 years in the kosher travel industry. In addition to the varied cruises that they offer from season to season, Kosherica is well known for their Pesach programs and hotel getaways at various junctures throughout the year. I recall a different conversation with Mrs. Edelstein where she excitedly informed me that they sold out their Pesach program on Motzaei Pesach of the previous year. I have heard of people being satisfied with service, but that is just unparalleled.

Luxuriousness, exclusive destinations, culinary extravagance, and world-class entertainers are just a few of Kosherica’s trademarks. They continue to outdo themselves from one year to the next. Kosherica continues to exceed all expectations.

So if you find yourself trudging through the excess slush and breathing desperately on your clenched fists to provide a little warmth to your chapped hands and red nose as a result of this winter’s arctic blast, you probably can’t wait to get away to a warmer climate for a few days.

Sure, there is always Florida or L.A.–but who has the time or patience to plan a full itinerary? The way I see it, that defeats the purpose of a vacation. It’s no wonder most people come back from an excursion more exhausted than before they left.

Since we are encountering the better part of winter, with Purim just a month away and Pesach a month after that, before you know it we will be all thawed out. Just a little tip to thaw out a little quicker: book your Kosherica cruise now and just the thought of this excursion will bring on the warmth of summer a little earlier.

Now, to whet your cruising appetite a bit, just a sampling of what Kosherica has in store for this summer: June 16 and August 4, 2013, the Norwegian Epic will travel seven nights through the Mediterranean, leaving from Barcelona and stopping in Naples, Rome, Florence, Provence, and Palma Majorca, and heading back to Barcelona.

Or, you could catch the seven-night Greek Isles Cruise aboard the Magica on July 29, 2013. This cruise departs from Venice, making ports of call in Bari, Italy; Katakolon, Olympia, Piraeus/Athens, Santorini, Corfu, Greece; and Dubrovnik, Croatia; and back to Venice.

Those in search of historic locations filled with incredible Jewish excursions need look no further then the August 14 Baltic cruise. You will spend two days in St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, and Berlin (Berlin will visit only Jewish locations). All the tours on the cruise are very well planned and incredibly profound.

Despite the endless number of destinations, it seems that the cruise of all cruises is the August 11 Alaskan cruise. For those of you who can’t face a day without the morning coffee, well, the Alaskan Cruise departs from Seattle, otherwise known as the Emerald City, the coffee capital of the world. With ports of call in Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, and Victoria, you will have the opportunity to see whales and bald eagles, visit mines and igloos, and partake of many other exciting excursions along the way. Kosherica also has a Norwegian Fjords August 4 cruise. The European Fjords and glaciers are as naturally mesmerizing as the Alaskan glaciers/fjords. They start and end in Copenhagen.

Kosherica schedules at least six different cruises per season. From hello to goodbye, it’s all about the customer. Your first Kosherica cruise will be the first of many. It’s amazing how one second you never entertained the thought of going on a cruise and the next second you’ll never entertain the thought of traveling any other way–that is the magic of Kosherica. I urge you to visit or call 877-724-5567 or 305-695-2700 to check out the full roster of cruises and book your cruise today.v


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