z7For adults, it’s 74 Maple Avenue in Cedarhurst. For children, it’s a summer oasis, complete with water games, gardening, art, baking, music, and creative movement. To top it off, Farmer Dovid comes in, funnier and livelier than most cartoon characters, to teach about nature and science through the camp’s vegetable garden.

Campers at Chabad of the Five Towns’ Camp Gan Israel are between the ages of 2 and 6, so more than all the “extras” the camp provides, the children cherish CGI’s high staff-to-child ratio, with counselors from all the local schools who focus on warmth, love, and individuality. Through the special activities, and even during free play, they seek to bring out the unique creativity and imagination in each child.

To learn more and see more photos of the program, visit www.chabad5towns.com. v


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