Courtesy: AFP

By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency –

Summer camps are being kicked off around the globe; in Gaza, a camp run by the Islamic Jihad offers a special terrorist training regiment, which includes military exercises, the use of weapons, and the training of how to abduct Israeli soldiers.

Courtesy: AFP
Courtesy: AFP

Ma’an News Agency reported that the Islamic Jihad’s summer camp in Gaza aimed to “prepare a generation of Palestinians ready to defend themselves and their people against Israeli attacks”, as defined by the terrorist organization’s spokesman.

The spokesman, Daoud Shibab, announced Wednesday that the movement completed a summer camp for 80 teenagers, ages ranging between 6 and 16. He said Palestinian children needed to learn to defend themselves. “We need to prepare our children to defend themselves, and protect themselves against Israeli persecution and crimes,” Shibab told Ma’an. “We do not hide the fact that we are working on raising a strong resisting generation that is ready to defend themselves, their families and their brothers when the need arises.”

Shibab said the summer camp included useful knowledge such as crisis avoidance management and training, adding that these subjects were not taught in schools.
“We are a resistance movement, and we are part of the Palestinian people that suffer daily from occupation. The whole world watches how Israel abuses children,” the spokesman said.

The graduation ceremony included the use of live ammunition, explosions, and a staged abduction of an Israeli soldier, during which one of the campers was bound and dragged by his friends. One of the participants, a twelve year old, told an AFP correspondent that at the conclusion of his training that he was delighted to be a part Islamic Jihad: “Today a fired my first bullet and my blood is boiling in my veins. I will not rest until I have seen battle.”


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