Tapes submitted by Shula Zaken lead court to retry case Olmert was acquitted for in 2012; potentially could add to 6 year Holyland prison sentence.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered a retrial of the Talansky Affair, in which former prime minister Ehud Olmert was previously acquitted on corruption charges.

The state appealed the acquittal in light of new evidence revealed in audio recordings provided by Olmert’s former bureau chief, Shukla Zaken. The Supreme Court agreed that there is evidence to justify a retrial.


Olmert has already been sentenced to six years in prison for taking bribes in the Holyland real estate affair. He appealed the decision and will not be starting his prison sentence as was originally ordered on September 1.

Should he be convicted in the retrial of the Talansky Affair , he could potentially have years added on to the six year Holyland sentence.

The Talansky Affair allegedly involved Olmert receiving large amounts of cash in envelopes from New York businessman Morris Talansky, not reporting them to the state comptroller, hiding them in his confidante Uri Messer’s secret safe and some of the money disappearing.

Olmert was acquitted of the charges in 2012, but the tapes provided by Zaken as part of a plea deal which saw her receive 11 months in prison in the Holyland Affair prompted the justices to retry the case.

According to the state, the tapes, from May 2011, (just before Olmert started to testify on the Talansky Affair), and October 2012, (three months after the court acquitted him in the case), show that Olmert used illegal means to pressure Zaken into refusing to testify and refusing to cooperate with the state.

Those means allegedly included a variety of pressures and offering to get her legal expenses paid for her by associates.


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