Dr. David Sussman, the Republican and Conservative party candidate for New York State Assembly (AD-20) successfully won the Tax Revolt ballot line, submitting more than 2,000 signatures from eligible Republican, Democrat, Independence, and Working Families registered voters on his filed independent nominating petitions. Sussman is now guaranteed three separate lines on the November ballot–Republican, Conservative, and Tax Revolt.

Immediately after the Board of Elections announcement, Dr. Sussman issued the following statement:

“I’m proud to have the overwhelming support of my neighbors to advance the cause for lower taxes that will spur economic renewal and the return of jobs and employment opportunity to hardworking Long Island families. Year after year property tax increases have fed the collapse of economic growth on Long Island. Albany’s unsustainable addiction to taxes has forced businesses to close, jobs to disappear, young, hardworking families to flee communities they love, and trap seniors in homes they can no longer afford.

“The problems we face here on Long Island are alarming,” says Dr. Sussman. “We went from being one of the most attractive places for young families to settle to an unaffordable tax-regime with an annual decrease in population. Thanks to generations of out-of-control taxes, millions of people are at risk of losing a lifetime of investment in their homes and communities. It’s tragic to see our children growing up to discover they simply cannot afford to settle in communities they never dreamed of leaving.”

At fault, says Dr. Sussman, is the broken Albany corruption machine, which rewards pension abuses, promotes union excesses, and encourages the entrenchment of failed, status quo policies. In November, Sussman will face 23-year incumbent Harvey Weisenberg–an entrenched Albany insider, and the third most senior member of the Democratic Assembly Majority.

“Voters often don’t realize how much power and influence members of the Assembly hold. Members control state aid to their districts and possess policy tools that could hold down taxes through state aid and limit the cost and frequency of unfunded mandates that are bankrupting our cities, towns, and villages,” says Dr. Sussman. “Our schools and students lose tens of millions of dollars a year to school districts upstate and in New York City. The result is we’re taxed twice: once by Albany for state income tax, and twice by local school districts’ annual tax increases needed to make up the shortfall. It’s unacceptable, and if voted into office, I will put an end to it.”

Dr. Sussman is a board-certified urologist in private practice for over 30 years. As an 18-year trustee on the Lawrence School District, he presided over a transformation in the District 15 school board, which cut spending waste and established budgetary policies that have helped maintain a level tax rate since 2006, making Lawrence School District tax rates among the lowest in Nassau County.

The 20th Assembly District includes the Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, East Rockaway, Bay Park, Island Park, the Five Towns, and Oceanside.


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