1With the long summer days stretching ahead of us, parents are scrambling to find some means of entertainment for the kids. You all know the sluggish feeling of lounging on a chair the whole day; multiply that by five for your children who sit in front of a computer and the latest technological gadgets for hours on end!

At the mention of “healthy outlet” and “pure fun,” you might imagine your children scowling and asking that you please remove the spinach and peas from their plates! And you wonder, where’s the fun in that?

Well, healthy and fun really do go hand-in-hand. Think of the joy of watching your children jump and climb, soar and swing, pretend and play–with smiles and shouts of glee. Swing It Playsets is committed to providing that ultimately gratifying experience in your very own backyard. You need not settle on the chair like a couch potato–you can very well get up and join the action!

Swing It carries a wide array of products of superior quality and Amish craftsmanship. It may start with swings, but the options are endless. From sturdy swings to commercial-grade slides, play houses to accessories, you can select the choice that best fits your kids. Do your children enjoy rock-climbing or pulley ropes, monkey bars or bridges? Do they care for wave and turbo slides, gliders and trapezes? How about telescopes, ship wheels, and tic-tac-toe? Or do they have more conservative preferences for standard swings and straight slides and simple ladders?

You may have seen what is out there. Swing It Playsets carries all that and more. Wooden playsets have many disadvantages: potential for splinters, the nuisance of re-staining after some time, exposure to the heat and cold, and a coarser look. With Swing It, every slab of heavy-duty wood that makes up the playset gets encased in a vinyl sleeve. Presto! With protection from the elements and zero risk of splinters, you can let your children climb and slide to their hearts’ content.

Swing It products are unparalleled. There are genuine windows constructed in the walls of the playhouse, not just cutouts. They use composite decking for all the deck floors, not wood. If you prefer the wood look, they offer etched composite flooring to give you the look with all the benefits of mold-free and damage-free flooring.

Swing It presents an assortment of general flooring options. You can choose wood or rubber mulch–rubber being the longer-lasting of the two–in a variety of colors to suit your taste. You can even coordinate the border to complement your landscaping or playset design, with rounded corners if you so wish.

There are endless customized choices to select from, such as slides that crash into boxes of balls, carpeted playhouses to play pretend, and sandboxes for sensory needs. They want you to be able to personalize your backyard to match your needs. It is all about you. They are satisfied when you are happy–and from their experience, they know that you almost surely will be happy.

At Swing It Playsets, they work at optimum speed. It only takes one phone call and, in most cases, the construction is complete within two weeks of your call. Because they understand your needs and know that there is a chance you will move after purchasing a playset, they offer moving services, exclusively to their clients, at a standard delivery charge.

With Swing It, you are set up for a lifetime of healthy fun and action. Are you ready? Your kids’ shining faces will be conclusive evidence that they are thrilled all summer long.

To have a brochure mailed to your home or for Swing It Playset purchases, please call 516-666-8866 or e-mail info@swingitplaysets.com. Visit www.swingitplaysets.com to learn more. v


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