By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Aaron Teitelbaum has raised the bar in simcha music. As the leader of Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and Productions, the orchestra of choice of clients who appreciate the quality and uniqueness of beautiful music, he has refined simcha music to an art. A consummate professional, he has been an integral part of the Jewish music industry for over 26 years and is well known for his creativity and innovative ideas. As the founder of Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and Productions, he brings every wedding and special event to fruition, weaving a web of musical magic as he creates memories to last a lifetime. Having earned a sterling reputation and a global client roster, the orchestra has traveled the world over, performing in venues near and far to the delight of the ba’alei simcha and guests alike. Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra represents a collaboration of the best in the business–musicians, performers, and sound engineers, including the legendary Yisroel Lamm–all working in perfect harmony to create a symphony of gorgeous music to enhance the most important day of your life.

Peerless in his ability to customize each simcha so that it becomes a unique and exciting musical experience, he has earned his clients’ trust and friendship with his sense of integrity, honesty, and concern. While planning your simcha with Aaron, you will feel as if you are working with a trusted family member or friend who genuinely wants to share your simcha, but with a distinct difference–Aaron brings with him a rich repertoire of music and a wealth of knowledge of music and how to customize it to your needs. Uncompromising in his commitment to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, Aaron meets with every client, working closely with them from the initial consultation through the actual celebration.

And what a celebration it will be! “We are very detail-oriented; Aaron, Yisroel Lamm, and I try to work everything out beforehand,” said Joe Blumenthal, director of sales for Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and Productions. “We actually have extra people who come in to facilitate the marching to ensure that every person who marches is in sync with the music and no one misses a beat.” It is this assiduous attention to detail that ensures a flawless chupah prelude and processional, as it does every aspect of the wedding, enhancing the effect and the beauty of the event. But in addition to all the unique features of an Aaron Teitelbaum production is Aaron’s warmth–the heartfelt connection he has built with so many of his clients, many of whom have become close friends. Jay Kay, the orchestra’s production coordinator, told me that Aaron often takes the time to speak to the chassan and kallah prior to the chuppah. “He tells them to appreciate this special moment. Aaron truly cares about every one of these young couples who are embarking upon a new chapter in their lives–building a bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael.”

Chances are, you are reading this article on Shavuos, with the beginning of the simcha season just days away. I’m sure that among the simchas we attend, we will have the pleasure of experiencing several Aaron Teitelbaum productions. You will find that no two are alike, save for their high level of professionalism and seamless execution, as well as the superb quality of every aspect of the music and performance. Each production is unique in detail and presentation, reflecting the style, tastes, personalities, lifestyles, traditions, and wishes of the chassan and kallah. A veritable sensory delight, every Aaron Teitelbaum production is a not-to-be-missed event.

“After working in the business for over two decades, Aaron wanted to establish an orchestra with a set band–a core group of musicians,” Joe explained. “This brings tremendous value as the musicians are well acquainted with each other, personally and professionally. They are in sync with each other’s musicality. The musicians can be relied on to convey the music with impeccable style and precision.”

As the industry’s gold standard, Aaron Teitelbaum has his finger on the pulse of what’s trending in Jewish music; indeed, with his keen musical acumen, he is key in determining what we can expect to experience throughout the coming simcha season–and well beyond!

My sources at Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra tell me to expect stunning chuppah preludes. “You are also going to see a return to the timeless classics–the great songs of MBD and Avraham Fried, with choreography,” Joe says. “There is also an interesting third trend–Chassidic Techno.”

Whatever genre of music you favor, Aaron Teitelbaum and his team of professionals will bring your dreams to fruition, surpassing all expectations.

“We understand that music absolutely makes the wedding. We have introduced a symphony sound to enhance every simcha,” said Chad Kaminetzky, director of communications. “We go the extra mile for every client. That’s what we are all about. If you look through the testimonials on our website, you’ll see that the people really pick up on all the details.” Visitors can view many of our videos at the website as

Music’s power is universal–it has the ability to touch the heart and stir the soul. Understanding that music makes the simcha, Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and Productions looks forward to the pleasure of continuing to serve our community.

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Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative media consultant, lecturer, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She can be reached at


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