By Alina Dain Sharon/

The script reads like this: Israel treats
wounded Syrian refugees in its own hospitals. Syria produces a report alleging an
“acute shortage of primary and tertiary health care services” in the Golan
Heights region. A United Nations agency, citing the Syrian report rather than
acknowledging Israel’s actions, condemns Israel.

Click photo to download. Caption: A Syrian refugee is treated at Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s northern city of
Safed. Credit: Ziv Medical Center.

On the surface, this storyline contains several plot twists,
but it is not surprising for Dr. Daniel Pipes, president and founder of the
Middle East Forum.

“The UN is a parody of itself,” Pipes told, noting that a Libyan was once
elected the chair of the Human Rights Commission, among other elected
representatives from countries with questionable human rights records over the

Recently, the Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s
northern city of Safed treated and released 14 Syrian refugees, most of whom
“arrived with gun shot wounds in the stomach and in the lower limbs,” the
hospital’s communications advisor, Yael Shavit, told

But while Israel quietly treated Syrian
refugees, the annual assembly of the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) on
May 21 adopted a resolution–based on Syrian, Palestinian, and WHO reports–condemning
the “deterioration of the health conditions of
the Syrian population in the occupied Golan as a result of the suppressive
practices of the Israeli occupation.”

Under the rubric of “Health
Conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Including East Jerusalem, and
in the Occupied Syrian Golan,” the WHO assembly was presented with four reports
scrutinizing Israel, including the report from Syria. The
WHO resolution, meanwhile, ignored the thousands of civilians being slaughtered
in Syria’s ongoing civil war, according to UN Watch, a Geneva-based NGO
monitoring the UN.

Less publicized than the WHO assembly
resolution, however, were the 14 Syrian refugees who received treatment at Israel’s
Ziv Medical Center.

“There were a few that needed very
complicated orthopedic surgeries,” Shavit told “There were two that spent a long time in emergency care,
a lot of surgery and orthopedics, because the shooting was probably close, I
don’t know how they were injured, but there were a lot of bones [that were

Click photo to download. Caption: A Syrian refugee is tended to by the medical professionals of Ziv Medical Center in Israel’s northern city of
Safed. Credit: Ziv Medical Center.

Daniel Pipes said the WHO assembly resolution was “so self-evidently absurd,
ritualistic, meaningless.” He said it is noteworthy, however, that only three
countries besides Israel, the U.S., Australia and Canada voted against the

“This is not new, it’s just dismaying to see
these sophisticated, liberal, modern, western countries like Italy, France, New
Zealand, not even take the trouble to vote against it,” Pipes said. “It’s a
sign of their moral weakness.”

The Syrian report that contributed to the WHO
resolution accused Israel of torturing Arab detainees and burying nuclear waste
in the Golan.

“It’s a futility by a [Syrian] regime that
might well be gone any day… They just make things up, it has no bearing in
reality,” Pipes said.

“This is a regime that’s fighting for its
life,” Pipes added, calling the Syrian report an indication of “weakness on the
part of Syria and strength on the …read more


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