Neither Hurricane Sandy nor its aftermath can dampen the excitement of the TAG family as it celebrates its 50th year of providing the gold standard of chinuch ha’banos at its upcoming annual dinner, to be held, iy’H, on Tuesday evening, February 19, at the Sands in Atlantic Beach.

Rabbi Moshe Weitman Memorial Award: Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Spinner. The Spinners truly exemplify all that TAG stands for and they have earned a sterling reputation as being oskei b’tzorchei tzibur. Ma’aseh avos siman l’banim is the guiding force with Yaakov and Yona Spinner. They identify with the Torah and chesed standards set forth by their inspiring families. Yaakov’s grandparents, Rav Avraham and Tzirel Spinner, were among the founders of the Bais Yaakov movement. They set the precedent of being sovel for chinuch habanim u’banos. They, with other prominent rabbanim and mechanchim including TAG’s very own Rabbi Moshe Weitman, z’l, worked to ensure the future of Bais Yaakov education for the next generations of frum girls.

In order to carry on their noble work, both Yaakov and Yona have played prominent roles in their children’s yeshivos. Yaakov has been an active board member in both Yeshiva Ketana and TAG. He has also served as journal chairman for the TAG dinner to help ensure its success. Yona served as Women’s League president in Yeshiva Ketana for four years, and then went on to serve on the TAG presidium for two years lending her expertise and experience to many TAG events. Their commitment spills over to their home, a mikdash me’at, where they continually host many tzedakah, Torah, and school related events–membership teas, shiurim for men and women, and a weekly Friday night minyan. The Spinners are proud to have Rabbi Yaakov Feitman, a faculty member of TAG, as the mara d’asra of their shul, Kehillas Bais Yehudah Tzvi.

Yaakov and Yona’s commitment to their family is evident, and their children, Dovi, Elisheva, Yitzy, Shiri, Leora, and Gavriel, are fortunate to have many wonderful role models to emulate. It is clear that the mesorah is carrying over to the next generation, as TAG shares the nachas from their three talmidos. Elisheva is a TAG high school senior and chesed head, Shiri is in sixth grade, and Leora is in third grade. Recently the family suffered the tremendous loss of Yona’s father, David Finkelstein, a’h, who was a shining light in their lives. One of the many qualities admired about him was his keen sense of hakaras ha’tov. He was particularly grateful for his two daughters and the chinuch that they and their schools were passing on to his precious einiklach. He did not hesitate at every opportunity to personally go over to Rabbi Moshe Weitman, z’l, to thank him for his role in the nachas he was receiving.

Rabbi Moshe Weitman, z’l, left us all his mesorah of how to be mechanech the talmidos of our community, to reflect their status of true bnos Yisrael. This mesorah is fluidly being passed on through his son, Rabbi Meyer Weitman, who is inspiring the talmidos of today with the mesorah of yesterday.

Parents of the Year Award: Rabbi and Mrs. Dov Lebovic. Raised in Toronto, R’ Dov had the zechus to learn in Eretz Yisrael for 15 years after graduating from Ner Yisroel. His love of learning is obvious and he can be found learning daily in Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv and is also very involved in the Dirshu program. His master’s degree in the science of management from Boston University is a great asset in his role as administrator in the Concourse Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in the Bronx.

After his marriage to Esther Neiman, the Lebovics lived in Eretz Yisrael for nine years while R’ Dov learned in kollel. Esther has always been, and continues to be, very supportive of her husband’s learning and is a true eizer k’negdo. Esther has a master’s degree in clinical sociology/family counseling, and is also a registered nurse. Esther works with her husband at the Concourse Rehabilitation where she serves as a Medicare coordinator.

As proud parents of daughters, Sarah in eleventh grade and Chaya Hinda in sixth grade, the Lebovics are concerned and involved parents. Their twin sons Yoel and Avraham Nissin currently attend Yeshiva Shaarei Chaim under the auspices of Rabbi Yerachmiel Scheiner and Rabbi Nosson Zupnick, while their younger sons Yitzchak Zelig and Meir are talmidim in Yeshiva Darchei Torah.

The Lebovic home revolves around hachnasas orchim and chesed. Their involvement in kiruv makes them the perfect choice to showcase the beauty of Shabbos and family life. Recently, their home was the scene of a beautiful TAG Women’s League membership tea, which Esther hosted in her usual warm and gracious style.

According to dinner chairmen Dr. Sruli Berkowitz and Dr. Joshua Fox, “This jubilee year is the perfect vehicle for all alumnae, alumna parents, and friends of TAG to join together to show their hakaras ha’tov to the school that has transformed so many of our lives and that of the community for the better.”

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