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By Chana Kastlebaum

Much can be accomplished in two weeks.

At TAG, this Sunday marks the completion of another successful 2W4T (Two Weeks for TAG) campaign. The annual fundraising drive, which began a few years ago, has proven to be a crucial part of the success of TAG’s renowned Resource Center.

The center is known as a leading provider of supplementary help for students and has created a successful model that other schools have sought to replicate. TAG employs an impressive team of specialized educators and therapists who dedicate themselves to each student’s growth and development.

The results have been astounding. Entire school years have been transformed due to the skills and knowledge that students gain at the Resource Center. TAG is very proud of its accomplishments and continues to invest in ongoing training to constantly strive for even better results.

Special thank you to all the 2W4T parlor meeting hosts across Far Rockaway and the Five Towns, who opened their homes and invited friends, families, and fellow school parents to show their support! Mr. and Mrs. Meir Kaplan in Woodmere, Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Freund in Far Rockaway, Mr. and Mrs. Pinny Ackerman in Inwood, Mr. and Mrs. Yanky Neuhoff in Cedarhurst, Rabbi and Mrs. Yechezkel Hartman in Lawrence, and Mr. and Mrs. Dovi Kohn in North Woodmere.

Now is the final chance to take part in the fundraising campaign and prove that Two Weeks can, indeed, transform an entire year for a young student.

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