Forget the hassle of travel in Israel. For over 12 years, Travel Deal Israel has been making it a breeze. From hotel arrangements, car rentals, cell phone rentals, transfers, and tailored group arrangements, to the smallest detail during your stay, Travel Deal is there for you.

Travel Deal’s relationship with hotel chains in Israel gets you the best rate and service. All top hotels know that a Travel Deal client deserves better. Management is in constant contact with Travel Deal, to ensure that all their guests receive top care and service.

Shlomo Scholnick, founder and manager, makes sure Travel Deal clients get the best: “Traveling to Israel is different from traveling anywhere else in the world. No matter where you live, when you come to Israel, you’re coming home. And that’s how we want our clients to feel.”

Legendary customer service, professional, bilingual staff, convenient, and extra-long hours, meticulous attention to detail, and familiarity with their clients’ lifestyle and needs has earned Travel Deal its reputation. Most important, they care. Coming for a mini-vacation? Full wedding party? Business conference? Travel Deal is there for you, taking care of every detail.

Pesach 2013. Pesach is family time. You want to feel comfortable with a yom tov atmosphere. You want to have delicious food, with the highest standards of kashrus. You want activities that keep the whole family busy and happy. You want to call Travel Deal.

Once again, Travel Deal has exclusive programs for Pesach, at your choice of the 5-star Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem or 4-star Kinar Galille Tiberias.

Travel Deal provides a complete program. Unlike other Pesach hotels, Travel Deal’s program is entirely in English. The daily schedule is carefully planned with loads of activities to keep everyone inspired and entertained. There are uplifting shiurim, organized day trips to tourist hot spots, and evening entertainment including concerts, magic shows, mental telepathy, and more! The action-packed day camp schedule is sure to keep the little ones busy throughout the day. For more information please visit v


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