By Larry Gordon


Sometimes the smallest most innocuous gesture has the ability to move worlds and impact on millions.  And that is precisely the story as we approach Election Day nationwide on November 4th.  Regardless of the urgency or monumental nature of this year’s election in particular, as much as 50% of us will just not take the time or have the time to vote.

And that is both a sad and pitiful situation.  It is no secret nor is it a subjective or private opinion that over the six years of the Obama tenure America has been on a downward spiral.  This is true locally, nationally and globally.  These realities are a result of wrongheadedness and misguided philosophies that our President and those around him believe are good and right for the new United States that they intended to recreate in their image.  That many of us may not subscribe to or have confidence in those approaches and policies is one thing. The extreme miscalculations, bungling, lack of attention to basics and then there are the scandals. 

And they are numerous—from the IRS to Benghazi to the Veterans Administration to Obamacare to Ebola, it goes on and on with no end in sight to any of those matters and situations.  We are all familiar with the details of these misdeeds that at their core assumed that Americans were either distracted or disinterested and therefore the new architects of a different America could easily do as they please.

But now six years have passed.  It is ample and sufficient time to analyze and reflect upon what has taken place here and to soberly inquire of ourselves—is this what we want for our children, grandchildren and our country going forward?

I’m not going to answer for you and assume that the reaction is going to be a simple—no this is not what we want for our country.  But let’s look around at what is going on in other states, in the news media and in the local and state races around the country.  Democrats up for election or reelections are doing everything they can do distance themselves from anything resembling the President or the Obama administration.  The Democratic Senatorial candidate in Kentucky refused to answer a reporter’s question recently about whether she voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012.  She either did not want to or could not bring herself to utter the admission that she voted for Mr. Obama twice.

Here on Long Island last week, ostensibly due to the emerging Ebola crisis, President Obama cancelled a campaign stop in Garden City, Long Island.  Candidates for office like Democratic Congressional candidate Kathleen Rice had already made it known that she would not be available due to a scheduling conflict to be at the event with the President.  I mean, what can be so important that it eclipses an appearance by the President of the United States in the area that you hope to represent in Congress?

And this has happened far and wide in races for Congress around the country with both the President and Mrs. Obama informed that they are requested to stay away.  Democratic candidates in close racers simply can afford to be seen in a photograph with the President.  This is not only astounding but possibly unprecedented.  More in this week’s 5TJT.


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