Great Service And Unbeatable Prices With Call Israel

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

It’s time to enjoy calling Israel! No matter where in the world you may be, Call Israel can supply you with your own local number, enabling your friends and family to call you as if you were back home.

Call Israel was establish by Eran Riban in 2006 as a phone service company providing Israelis and Jewish clients the world over with an easy and affordable way to communicate with their families and friends in Israel. The company’s first product, the “Call Israel” phone card, soon became the phone card of choice in Jewish communities throughout the United States. Today, Call Israel sells its products coast to coast, directly through the company or by its distributors.

“When we first started in 2006, the long-distance phone market was based mainly on phone cards purchased in retail stores,” Eran explained. “Back then, most of the cards on the market were considered to be unreliable and customers were inundated with such additional charges as an activation fee and surcharges, as well as other ways of collecting money from customers. Their tech capability was also poor, in many ways, so the concept of Call Israel was to provide users with a unique, efficient, and positive experience. Our premise was, and still is, no commission, fees, surcharges, or rounding whatsoever! We’ve also simplified the dialing process plus many other features that make calls so much easier and more user-friendly.”

The company launched “Call Israel Direct” in 2010, enabling customers to open an account and pay for their calls at the end of the month. Call Israel Direct customers enjoy better rates, more convenience, and many features. Each account receives an Israeli number, thereby enabling family and friends in Israel to call them at a local number. Similarly, Direct customers can call their relatives and friends in Israel by dialing a local number, as they would call a neighbor.

The process is simple: You begin by opening an account with Call Israel and selecting the plan best suited to your needs. At the end of each month, Call Israel will generate an invoice, providing a detailed account of usage from the first through last days of that month. Payment is processed through the customer’s credit card.

Call Israel Direct eliminates the inconvenience of purchasing a new card or recharging a depleted card. Call Israel Direct can save an average of 20% off your monthly phone bill. With unsurpassed service as their hallmark, Call Israel’s customer service center is located in Calabasas, California. “From there we help our customers all over the world,” says Eran.

He adds, “Recently, we launched our new service, ‘Call Israel Mobile,’ which provides people who visit Israel with mobile coverage, all included, for less than half of the market price. This service features the same Call Israel philosophy–no surcharges, no tricks, no fine print, no surprises; only the absolute lowest rates and all-included, unlimited calls in Israel and to the United States and Canada. Each phone comes with an American local number so family and coworkers can reach the customer in Israel by dialing a local number, and it is unlimited as well. Data and text messages in Israel and to the United States are also unlimited. Trust Call Israel to launch a service that is unsurpassed in value, customer service, and satisfaction. This unparalleled package is available to Israeli tourists, enabling their friends and family to call them by dialing a local number. The bottom line: there are no surprises! Call Israel Mobile provides the traveler with local SIM or complete package, which includes brand-new smartphone or feature phone plus a great experience while traveling in Israel. We have a friendly customer-service team. Customers are welcome to call with their questions.”

Call Israel is the premier connection to Israel. For further information, please e-mail or call 888-ISRAEL-8. v


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