is a free nationwide service that now makes it possible for any member to safely message another member by using the license plate number. Most people have on occasion noticed someone’s car with lights left on, a window open, or an expired inspection. They wish they could easily notify the car owner, but how?

With, anyone can safely and anonymously send (or receive) any of the prewritten messages. Messages are sent from the website using the car’s license plate and is received via text on the member’s cell phone. is reaching out to vehicle owners who may leave their cars parked for hours; civic, charity, service organizations, and communities, since participation in helps develop camaraderie; insurance companies, since quicker retrieval of a missing car lowers recovery costs; and parking-lot operators, who can notify the absent traveler and cure the problem before they return.

Joining online is quick, simple, and anonymous. Members identify their car with a one-inch-square red reflector placed near (not on) both license plates. Should another member notice a problem, they simply log in to the website and send a prewritten message for that license plate. instantly sends that text message to your cell. is free and its success is tied to participation. v


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