By Ted Belman.

I received an email today asking me to come to the defense of Tammi Rossman Benjamin whom I met when she visited Israel over a year ago:

    I believe you are aware of the heroic work Tammi is doing to combat anti-Semitism at the University of California. The source of this anti-Semitism are various Moslem student groups. Now they have started a vicious campaign against Tammi.
    Tammi is fighting the fight all of us (who are not in the IDF) should be fighting on behalf of the Jewish people. The harassment, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism Tammi is fighting contains in it an insidious danger, and that is to drive Jews away from a sense of connection with Israel.
    We have just seen how Stephen Hawkings a world reknown scientist folded like a bridge chair in the face of Arab pressure. Imagine the pressure on Tammi
    I urge you to both publicize her plight and to urge your readers to do as Tammi is asking, which is to send e-mails on her behalf to various UC officials, most importantly, President Yudof. You have quire a crew of characters who comment on IsraPundit. Perhaps with this matter they can be convinced to act and not just pontificate.

In Defense of Tammi Rossman-Benjamin at UC Santa Cruz

    As I have previously reported, Tammi Rossman-Benjamin is an adjunct teacher of Hebrew at UC Santa Cruz (America’s Wackiest University). She has been relentless and courageous in making complaints about anti-Semitism on UC and CSU campuses. In response to her activities in standing up to anti-Semitism, she has been the object of relentless attacks by the various UC Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine chapters, as well as something called the Committee for Justice in Palestine. In the past weeks, student governments at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine -under pressure from these groups-have passed resolutions urging that UC President Mark Yudof and other UC officials condemn her publicly as an “Islamophobe”. These resolutions are evidence of just how organized and coordinated these groups are.
    In response, Tammi’s organization, AMCHA Initiative, has issued the below-linked release. You can also access Tammi’s letter to President Yudof and write one yourself in Tammi’s defense. I will be doing so. Rather than condemn Tammi, Yudof and the respective chancellers should be making a strong statement in defense of her right to free speech and condemning this vicious campaign to smear and intimidate her.

A google search turned up articles in which the authors castigate Tammi for all manner of sins she didn’t commit. To me this video simply said the truth about various Muslim groups and their activity against Jews and Israel.

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