x2By Abby Litchfield

The children of Tampa Jewish Community Center Preschool have been saving quite a sum of money every Friday at their Shabbat program. The tzedakah they collected went to Aleh Foundation for the sum of $1,035.76. Wendy Lampert, Judaic specialist of the preschool, wrote a letter along with the check conveying that the children specifically chose this tzedakah because it will be helping children that need it so much. In turn, these children have the gift of giving.

It is a beautiful thing that these children are able to open their hearts and cultivate the ability to peer into the life of another. It is not a surprise that the Tampa Jewish Community Center has been called “the gold standard of education” for the staff members are committed to instilling strong Jewish values of caring and compassion into their students. These are the values that keep us together as a nation.

Aleh is committed to helping those who cannot help themselves–the vulnerable of our people. Aleh is Israel’s largest and most advanced network with specialized facilities for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. The goal is for every child to receive the best available care in order to reach his or her fullest potential. Aleh ensures that each child gets quality care and is treated with dignity and respect.

The needs of the children of Aleh Foundation are substantial but the donation that the children of Tampa Jewish Community Center is of great value–even if it seems relatively small. That money can be used for physical therapy for a child suffering from a disability that prevents him from walking, special equipment to assist a child with spina bifida, or a severe case of a child needing feeding equipment. The parents of these special children want to help as much as they can, but it is frustrating that they simply don’t have the money, so they watch helplessly as well.

Aleh Foundation, an organization that has been around 29 years, has been endorsed by such well-known personalities as Elie Wiesel, President Barack Obama, and President Shimon Peres, just to name a few. It is recognized as a caring organization that changes lives and gives quality care to those who cannot help themselves. This Rosh Hashanah, you can join Tampa’s JCC and you too can sponsor vital equipment and therapies for the disabled children of Aleh. Aleh headquarters is located at 5317 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219. Call 800-317-ALEH or visit www.alehfoundationusa.org to see how you can help. v


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