The entire Jewish people prays for the complete healing of the Rebbe of Biale, Bnei Brak, shlita. The Rebbe was hospitalized recently at the Mayanei Hayeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak, after a doctor who examined him for weakness decided to call an intensive care ambulance due to fluttering in his heart and a very high pulse rate.

As soon as the Rebbe’s hospitalization became known, tens of thousands of Jews in the whole world began to pray for his complete recovery. There were minyanim of Tehillim at the Western Wall, Rachel’s Tomb, and Rashbi’s grave in Meron. The great sages of Israel issued an emotional call that all the synagogues, Talmud Torahs, yeshivas, and schools for boys and girls shall pray for the complete recovery of the Rebbe, shlita, who carries on his shoulders the burden of the generation, as thousands of Jews from all over the world derive from him direction in all matters of their lives, and seek always his blessings and advice. Recently, hundreds of widows and orphans, whom the Rebbe takes care of day and night, prayed on the Mount of Olives next to the holy graves of the Rebbes of Biala, zt’l, the Rebbe’s father and grandfather.

In the meanwhile, the Rebbe was transported to the intensive care unit at the Sheba hospital, where expert doctors treat him.

The eyes of Klal Yisrael are looking forward to hear good news.

Dear Jews, do not stand aside! Pray and pass on the holy name to your friends for an emotional prayer for the holy Rebbe whom the generation needs: Rebbe Yaakov Menachem ben Sarah Rivka for complete health among all the ill of Israel.


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