Anti-Israel protests in Hebron quickly escalated into violent riots on Thursday, as tempers flared a day after the killing of a Palestinian teenwho assaulted border police with a fake gun.

Hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks at the Israeli guard post where the teenager, who accosted an officer at the inspection point with a pistol, was shot by a second police officer. Later, the gun turned out to have been a counterfeit.

Five protesters were taken to hospital in the city after they inhaled teargas.

Hebron Governor Khamel Hamid claimed that Israeli soldiers had been ordered to kill Palestinians in order to restore its lost deterrent capability.

The troops were “purposely hurting innocent civilians,” Hamid told the Voice of Palestine radio station, charging that Israel was “glorifying a soldier who shot a teen.”

The youth was merely on his way to the market to buy candy when he was shot by the border police, Hamid said.

A blurred version of a picture uploaded to the Gaza Now Facebook page on Thursday shows the border police officer who shot a youth in Hebron. The female officer’s face is splattered with blood next to a depiction of a gun and the word ‘inevitable’ in Hebrew and in Arabic.

Pictures of the female border police officer who shot the Palestinian youth were being circulated on Facebook by pro-Palestinian groups, often with calls for revenge against her. One page demanded she be brought “to trial before international courts.”

In Israel, the identity of the woman is protected by gag order, and pictures of her published in the media have all been pixelated.

After the event, the officer said she had acted correctly and in full compliance with the army’s rules of engagement. Anyone in her position, she said, “would have done the same.”

Source: Times Of Israel


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