Two people were shot in a California high  school on Thursday morning and police have taken the shooter into custody.

The shooting took place at Taft Union High  School just outside of Bakersfield, California and began around 9am.

The shooting comes less than a month after  the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where 20  children and six adults were killed.

A number of students at the California school  called 911 and their parents on their cell phones from inside the school once  they heard the sound of the gunshot.

One girl called 911 then called her  mother  saying that she was in the classroom where the student had been  shot and that  the victim was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

‘My friend’s been shot,  the teacher’s  been shot- I don’t know what to do,’ the girl reportedly said to her mother on  her cell phone.

The local ABC affiliate received two  separate calls from people who were hiding in closets during the  incident, and  the shooter- who is believed to be a student at the  school- was taken into  custody by police at around 9.20am.

The shooting took place in the physical  sciences building on campus, and the West Kern Water District building was put  on lock-down as a precaution because it is located right next to the school,  according to Bakersfield  Californian.

As of 11am, officials from the Kern County  Sheriff’s Department were still checking each room in the school.

The sheriff confirmed that one student was  shot and had to be airlifted to Kern Medical Center with undisclosed injuries.

The second person reported only minor  injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Neither of the individuals have been  identified, only to say that the one with more serious injuries was a  student  at the school.

Ray Pruitt, the spokesman for the  Kern  County Sheriff, said that a shotgun was used in the attack and the  suspect is  thought to be a student at the school.

Parents are being told to pick up all of the  other students at the school’s football field immediately.

The public school is located in the small  town of Taft which is about an  hour’s drive outside of Bakersfield in southern  California.

The nearby middle school- Lincoln Junior High  School- was shut down as a warning when the shooting at Taft Union School was  reported.

Felicity Reich, 13, said that her teachers  told all of the students that a shooting had taken place at the high  school.

‘They were all trying to keep each other  happy and not flip out,’ she said of students trying to keep one another  calm.

Buzzfeed reports that a student admitted to  falsely warning of a school shooting at Taft Union High School in December.

It is unclear if that student had anything to  do with today’s shooting,  but when questioned by police in December he admitted  that his threat  was false.

‘All the  resources one can possibly imagine  to respond to a horrible tragedy are  here,’ Taft City Councilman Dave Noerr  told the Bakersfield Californian  after arriving at the scene.


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