By Emily Amrousi/

This column was originally published by Israel Hayom

How comforting it must be to cultivate the delusion that
everything begins and ends in the territories. But the reality is that certain
things are not contained; there is osmosis. Terror doesn’t recognize
boundaries, neither red lines nor green lines. But the mainstream media is
hushing up any evidence that might suggest otherwise.

News consumers, here’s a little test: Have you heard of
the terror attacks perpetrated against Jews in Ramle in central Israel? Just
this week, the windshields of about 10 cars were smashed there. Families
driving their children to an after-school activity, or coming back from the
supermarket, had bricks hurled at their cars. Did you happen to catch any
coverage of the 10-year-old boy from Lod who was beaten and whose eye was
blackened by a group of Arab teens as he was coming home from school? Did you
hear a shred of a story about the group of Jewish schoolchildren who were
forced to leave an arcade due to violence, spitting and cursing by a group of
Arabs? Try to imagine what would happen in the media if the ethnicities were
reversed. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Let’s put aside the terror in Judea and Samaria, which
continues to sow fear in varying degrees (this week, among other incidents,
firebombs were hurled at a bus carrying children in Samaria. Boring. Nothing to
report.) Let’s pretend that terror in Judea and Samaria is a case of dog bites
man. Let’s pretend that the ambushes by rock-throwing Palestinians on access
roads to quiet communities are as exciting as rain in January. But what about
the terrible attacks by Bedouin outlaws against the residents of the Negev
community Retamim? Here’s just an example from the last few days: Rocks were
thrown at women and children, cars were set ablaze, a married couple were
attacked with a crowbar, violent ambushes awaited farmers in their fields and a
number of terror attacks were attempted along the roads. In the Negev.

And what about the recent firebombing at a home in Mount
Scopus, not far from Hebrew University in Jerusalem? Did you hear anything
about that? What about the racist Arabic graffiti on the walls of a synagogue
at Beit Safra in central Jerusalem? The mass gravestone vandalism at the Mount
of Olives? The Ha’ohel synagogue in Bat Yam that has been vandalized four times
in the last month, with swastikas spray painted on its walls and its doors destroyed?
The nationalistically motivated arson of the woods in Armon Hanatziv? Anything?

An Israel Railways train was recently pelted with rocks
in the “occupied” Ramle station. Two University of Tel Aviv students were
lightly hurt when windshields shattered, spraying shards everywhere. If you
heard about this incident, you deserve a medal.

Here’s another news flash: Several days ago, two Israeli
Arabs were indicted for allegedly trying to burn a Jewish family near Nahariya.
They prepared a firebomb, hid on the side of the road in the Western Galilee,
and threw the bomb at a car as it was turning to enter the Jewish community of
Tal-El. They then rolled a burning tire into the road. All the media outlets
were notified about this incident by the Justice …read more


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