Israel Defense Force soldiers endured heavy fire from terrorists in the Palestinian Authority controlled city of Jenin overnight on Tuesday, the IDF said, releasing footage of the attack with testimony from the company commander.

IDF Captain Shai said one of the terrorists was killed and two others who were injured were evacuated by the Red Crescent.

A very violent riot erupted there; we were faced with armed Palestinians who shot at us from behind covers and roof tops. We responded with fire,” Captain Shai said in the briefing recorded at dawn.

In the night vision footage of the attack from a helmet-mounted camera, four IDF soldiers can be seen entering a building in Jenin, firing warning shots and then encountering heavy gunfire.

“Third platoon approach, red line, I’m shooting,” one soldier says, firing the first of four warning shots.

“What was that?” asks a soldier, after a noise is heard in the distance. “They’re shooting,” says another, “tell them [command] they are using live fire!”

Another soldier calls in the incident: “They opened live fire in my direction, live fire between the walls.”

As the gun shots intensify, a soldier warns his company, “People step back! Stick to the walls, they are firing at us, go!” The footage released to the media ends there.

Watch the IDF video of the incident below.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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