The Jewish Week hosted a receptionlast evening in Lawrence, New York that featured Israel’s Ambassador to the US,Michael Oren.  The event was a fundraiserfor the “Write On” organization founded by the paper’s publisher and editor, GaryRosenblatt.   The group trains and prepares young Jewish studentsand prepares them to respond and interface with well-organized critics and denigratorsof Israel on college campuses across the country and around the world.

Ambassador Oren said that he had justreturned from Israel the day prior where meeting were held with President Obama’sChief of Staff, Tom Donilon and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton who was inIsrael for 24-hours earlier this week. The focus of these meetings as anyone reading the news these days canconclude was the situation in Egypt with the assumption of office of a newpresident representing the Moslem Brotherhood Party, the fluidity of thesituation in Syria and the disposition of that country’s nuclear weapons  and the continued move by Iran to developnuclear weapons.

The Ambassador added that when helanded in Washington on Wednesday morning he learned that there had been aterrorist attack targeting Israeli’s in Bulgaria.  He said that despite all these threats thatany other country would find intolerable, Israel is thriving.  Despite being surrounded by dangerousmissiles directed at it from surrounding countries tourism to Israel continuesto break all records with each succeeding year. Israel’s economy, he added, is booming with the most business startupson the Nasdaq after the US and China

Ambassador Oren said that the governmentin Israel of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that Iran and Hezbollahwere behind the tragic attack in Bulgaria and that the attacks “will not gowithout being responded to.”  Oren saidthat next week he will be back in Israel when Republican presidential candidateMitt Romney is scheduled to visit Jerusalem. The Ambassador, born and raised in New Jersey, is an eloquent spokesmanfor Israel and the Jewish people.  He hasa tough job but makes it look easy.

By Larry Gordon


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