This article is written by two notorious anti-Zionists and was published by Al Jazeera. The authors explain a lot but leave out the most crucial part. The Bedouin have placed their structures on land they don’t own. The Jews aren’t allowed to do that either.  It is the prerogative of the state to decide where communities are to be built and according to what building standards. The Arabs ignore this prerogative and illegally squat where they like on land they don’t own.  In so doing they occupy many times more land per person then properly planned communities do. The Bedouin are the fastest growing population in the world.

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The authors consider the Bedouin to be indigenous . Not so, Are the Negev Bedouin an Indigenous People?
Ted Belman

On June 24th the “Prawer Plan for the Arrangement of Bedouin-Palestinian Settlement in the Negev” passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament. If implemented, the Plan will constitute “the largest single act of forced displacement of Arab citizens of Israel since the 1950s”, expelling an estimated forty thousand Palestinian Bedouin from their current dwellings.

The Plan’s ultimate objective is to Judaize the Israeli Negev. In order to do this, however, seventy thousand (out of 200,000) Bedouin who currently live in villages classified as ‘unrecognised’ by the Israeli government must be moved. The government already forbids them from connecting to the electricity grid or the water and sewage systems.

Construction regulations are also harshly enforced, and in 2011 alone about a thousand Bedouin homes and animal pens — usually referred to by the government as mere “structures” — were demolished. There are no paved roads, and signposts from main roads to the villages are removed by government authorities. The villages are not shown on maps, since as a matter of official geography, the places inhabited by these second-class citizens of Israel do not exist.

This transformation of the indigenous into an invader or a “Palestinian settler”… is key to understanding not only the Prawer Plan, but also the very logic of the State of Israel

The government has, for years, argued that because these people live in small villages scattered across a relatively large area, it cannot provide them with basic services and therefore its objective has been to concentrate them in a few townships.

Consequently, in 2009 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appointed his planning policy chief, Ehud Prawer, to liberate the “Jewish land”. Prawer’s main task was to relocate these seventy thousand Bedouin who have refused to sign over their property rights to the State and have continued living in their “unrecognised villages”.

The logic informing the plan is actually best expressed in There is a Solution, a 2010 report published by a settler NGO called Regavim (The National Land Protection Trust), which has been …read more
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