By Larry Gordon

Can the best and the worst thing to happen to us as citizens of this country and this state of New York be one and the same?

Just take a cursory glance at a local newspaper or listen to the news and you have to be in denial not to recognize Divine influences as the news, both local and national, unfolds before us.

Almost two months after Joe Biden assumed office, it just might be that his presidency is the best thing that ever happened to us. Had he not won, we never would have known what type of damage he is capable of doing to this country over a relatively brief time period. So while it is becoming increasingly clear that the Biden victory was a big mistake for this country on so many previously unimaginable levels, we need to deal with the fact that we never would have known how bad things could be had he lost.

Another thing gradually becoming obvious as the days and weeks pass and we begin to emerge from the scourge of the yearlong pandemic is how saccharine and deceitful Mr. Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and most of the Democrats are on this and other vital matters.

Almost daily, they lie to us all with impunity. Both Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have said at different times over the last few weeks that when they assumed office in January there was no vaccine and now almost 50 million have been vaccinated in the country.

Of course, we all know that it was President Trump’s drive and business acumen that made the vaccines happen at breakneck speed. But you really cannot fault the Biden administration for being so deceptive. They understand that if you keep repeating bald-face lies, those stories will eventually be adapted as America’s truth, especially as time goes by.

And on the matter of poor and disingenuous elected officials there is the downfall of New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, whose authority is falling apart day by day and hour by hour before our very eyes.

Today, just a couple of weeks after Purim, it’s easy to understand how Cuomo has become the modern-day Haman. The antagonist of the Megillah was so excited about the elevated political status he had attained to the point that he was giddy and full of enthusiasm as he pondered King Achashveirosh’s solicitation of advice on how he would go about honoring someone the king wanted to glorify.

Haman thought he was on a roll and the momentum was on his side. He was so confident, in fact, that he built gallows approximately 100 feet high on which to hang the leader of the Jewish community, Mordechai.

Of course we live in a different time than Mordechai and Esther did in ancient Persia. Yes, consequences for actions back then were different than they are today. However, actions still do have consequences, and as of today it looks like Andrew Cuomo just doesn’t get it or does not want to understand what he might be guilty of.

Clearly, it is not for us to say what the outcome of his current situation should be. One thing we can say about him, as well as others who exploited the sometimes desperate and panicky situation that the pandemic brought upon us, is that he revealed his arrogance and hubris.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Aside from the ongoing accusations of sexual harassment in his office, Cuomo has been proven directly responsible for people’s deaths by virtue of his misguided executive orders last spring. Does it matter if 1,500 to 2,000 people died or if it was 10,000 to 15,000? What has not been definitively proven yet is what Mr. Cuomo’s motivation was for moving people infected with the virus back into nursing homes from hospitals.

An important part of the Cuomo story right now is that his own people—Democrats in Albany—are turning against him and are encouraging him to resign.

Two weeks from now will be Shabbos HaGadol. One of the historical events that occurred on this day was the revolt and uprising of the Egyptian firstborn against Pharaoh and his regime. Indeed, G-d sent creative punishing plagues, but the deed that turned the tide was the mutiny of Pharaoh’s own people against him.

Amongst those Democrats in Albany is Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein who represents Boro Park and parts of Midwood in the NYS Assembly. Last week, Eichenstein was one of the Democrats who voted to curtail Mr. Cuomo’s ability to issue new executive orders. According to the assemblyman, who replaced longtime official Dov Hikind in the Assembly, the governor is juggling three simultaneous scandals with potential criminal liability intertwined within them.

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein

According to Simcha, there is the matter of the order to transfer COVID-infected nursing home patients from hospitals back into the nursing homes they came from, and then there was the cover-up and intentional misreporting of the actual and accurate numbers of those who lost their lives as a result of the spread of the virus. This is all exacerbated by his asking President Trump for help, which he then snubbed. In response to Cuomo’s request, the president arranged for almost 4,000 hospital beds in the Javits Center and on the USNS Comfort, a hospital ship. Cuomo then rejected the president’s generous assistance by not using these facilities as a way of attempting to further damage Trump politically.

And then there is the matter of the five women who have come forward to claim that they were sexually harassed by Governor Cuomo.

For Simcha Eichenstein, there is another issue between the governor and the residents of his assembly district. And that was the governor’s designation by executive order last year of the Boro Park and Midwood areas of Eichenstein’s district as red zones.

What that meant, essentially, was that because of the spread of the infection just about everything aside from essential services needed to be locked down and closed. This meant most shuls and yeshivas had to be closed, with the threat of a $15,000 daily fine for any institution like this that defied the order.

“For some reason, only Orthodox Jewish parts of the state were declared red zones by the governor,” Assemblyman Eichenstein said. He enumerates that aside from the neighborhood in his district designated as such were parts of Queens; Rockland County, where Monsey is located; parts of Orange County, where we can find Monroe; and a small area of Staten Island inhabited by several hundred Chassidic families.

He said that he took up the issue with the governor’s office, but by the time they responded to him the color coding of certain parts of the state was lifted and the system discarded. Over $1 million in fines were issued and all were thrown out in court over the last few months. What an exercise in damaging and indeed murderous futility.

This week, Republican members of the Assembly introduced articles of impeachment against the governor. At this point, as investigations are ongoing on the above matters, leading Democrats are calling on Mr. Cuomo to resign, insisting that it is not possible to govern effectively with this kind of cloud hanging over his head.

As you may have seen, the governor has stated emphatically that he will not resign. He has even threatened some members of the Assembly and Senate, saying that he knows things about them that he will reveal if they continue to put this kind of pressure on him.

And on the matter of stunning reversals, just about six months ago, Cuomo was being touted as a possible replacement on the presidential ticket for a seemingly weak and frail Joe Biden. The contemplation of that kind of move is testament to the lack of depth and substantive talent and ability on the Democrat side. A short time ago, Cuomo was the best they had to offer; now he is the worst.

On the matter of the rather new Biden presidency, I repeatedly tell myself that if we survived eight years of Obama’s confident bungling, somehow we will overcome this, too. One big difference is that with Obama we knew who was in charge; now no one, except the White House insiders, knows what’s flying.

According to the well-worn cliché from Aesop’s Fables, “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.” So let’s ask ourselves: Is this what we wished for? Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, and so on down the line?

We often fail to consider the implications of our wishes coming true. So, you had enough of Donald Trump. Is this what you were hoping for? 

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  1. B”H
    Having pronounced himself a mensch, the archetype for an admirable person worthy of honor and emulation (in another story marking his mother Rosalind’s, z”h, fourth anniversary since her passing), Larry Gordon rapidly reverses the climb to the heights; descending to the utter denouement of decency, finding himself with his hero, and fellow seditionists/insurrectionists in Trump’s swamp!
    In his propagandistic manner honed before Trump’s malignant tenure, in fact, when Larry foisted on a once intellectually-thriving diverse community his throwaway newspaper, he early proclaims our new, better President has perpetrated unspecified damage “to this country over a relatively brief time period (redundant, of course, since time is a period and vice versa). Like the injudicious person he is, he further pontificates “that the Biden victory was a big mistake.”
    Clearly, Larry having been exposed to the efficacy in the short run of telling lies, he sounds off with the impunity that an authoritarian would addressing pliant underlings: that the new Administration doesn’t measure up to Trump’s non-existent Trump’s business acumen —- see his six times having filed bankruptcy, the fraud in setting up a Trump University, tens of thousands law suits he had to defend or settle, the sexual assaults on a score of women, the incitement of violence in an attempt to end our democratic republic. The rampant illegality, abuse of power, grifting, tax evasion, the list is astoundingly long!
    In typical outlandishness, he shifts his hyperbole to the justly-accused of predatory behavior, and manipulation of COVID-19 data by our NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, to pronounce him a latter-day Hamas! Early in this awful condition our state suddenly finds itself, I called for Cuomo’s resignation; for, in a democracy, a magistrate holds office only while s/he enjoys the trust and confidence of the public. Both, Cuomo has frittered away, along with his overbearing managerial style, making him a liability in state government!
    Let Cuomo be gone to face his legal and ethical challenges, even as the rest of us can concentrate on the business of governing, including infusing new leadership in our failed Lawrence School District. We await with justified trepidation Larry Gordon’s reflexive inability, perhaps evoked from an instability to entertain competing concerns from public school adherents —- who lack representation on the board for decades!
    Returning to the trailblazing Biden Administration, an objective observer, fair-minded as I try to always be, while retaining my Republican registration hoping my nominal Party embrace again to Abe-TR-Ike principles; I join those rejoicing: that we have a collection of competent, varied, honest public servants; that many coreligionists hold senior positions and can hold a minyan in the Oval Office at will; that the first-ever Native American Indian heads the Department of the Interior; that a Better Deal has been passed by Congress that rivals and surpasses the FDR’s New Deal! Childhood poverty will be slashed in half, needy people will get relief (not Trump’s 1%), and the beat goes on.
    Of course, Larry is oblivious to such tectonic changes, as he has betrayed his pledge to me that he will change his editorial “business model.” Alas, a liar is not born, but made through unfortunate experiences that has made him unable to project empathy, compassion, understanding. My belief, knowing a little about his parents, of blessed memory, is that they would wish their son to try harder to become what he wrongly has adjudged himself to be be —- someday, perhaps a mensch!
    With fraternal affection,
    Prof Asher J Matathias
    Woodmere, NY-USA
    Member of the United States of Anxiety
    Less so, since January 20!


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