On MotzaeiShabbos, RoshChodesh Kislev, November 22, the Lawrence community was honored to host the Broder Rebbe of Monsey, Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Michalowitz. The Rebbe is a son of Radviller Rebbe, zt’l, who passed away this past Rosh Hashanah. The Radviller Rebbe was the eldest son-in-law of the renowned Spinke Rebbe, Reb Hershele of Williamsburg. Rabbi Michalowitz is a son-in-law of the Naroler Rebbe of Flatbush, Rabbi Berish Schapiro, shlita.

A melavehmalkah and reception took place at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Jerald Korman. The event was attended by many distinguished members of the Five Towns community and included: the Sulitzer Rebbe, R’ Elisha Horowitz, R’ Yaakov Reisman, and R’ Shmuel Wagner of Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim. The olam heard divreiTorah from Rabbi Naftali Jaeger, shlita, roshyeshivah of Yeshivah Sh’or Yoshuv. The roshyeshivah spoke about the parashah and also explained the central import of chassidus among all Jews. Chassidus began in pre-war Europe as a way of reviving Yiddishkeit which had been languishing from lack of inspiration. R’ Jaeger described how it is crucial that the descendants of these Chassidic masters continue in the path of their forefathers, spreading the light of Torah to us in our generation, and it is our obligation to support them in their avodasHashem.

The Rebbe, shlita, addressed the olam with divreiTorah, chizuk, and berachah, speaking about the difficult times facing KlalYisrael especially in EretzYisrael. The Rebbe explained how in times when Yiddishkeit is strong, soneiYisrael become more desperate and malevolent, and the Rebbe encouraged the olam to strengthen their Torah, avodah, and gemiluschasadim and in this way the “KolYaakov” will rise up over the “YedeiEsav.”

With the desire of continuing his legacy, it was 20 years ago that the Broder Rebbe started a kollel in Monsey. The Rebbe’s dveikus and warmth attracted serious ba’aleibatim and lomdeiTorah, and the kollel expanded into a beismidrash for tefillah as well. The Rebbe is someone whom many individuals feel comfortable approaching for chizuk. He puts people at ease and with his wisdom and experience advises them in both ruchnius and gashmius. He is known for his outreach and work on behalf of KlalYisrael, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers. His doors are open and he is available for all Yidden who seek his assistance.

The tremendous growth of the kehillah has made it necessary for the kehillah to construct a new, larger building for the beismidrash. Work has already begun on a beautiful new building which will also include a mikveh and rooms for shiurim. The Rebbe will also, b’ezrasHashem, be able to meet the great demand to expand the kollel and start a yeshiva. The kehillah can look forward to a comfortable, beautiful makomTorah which will bring a KiddushHashem as it spreads the light and warmth of Torah.

Reb Sender Schwartz was the chairman for the event. Anyone interested in more information or making a connection with the Rebbe can call 845-825-6011.


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