NGO Shurat HaDin has initiated a worldwide campaign to prosecute the heads of Palestinian Television: “Thousands of citizens are signing to prosecute the heads of Palestinian Television in the Hague.”

The incitement on Palestinian Television has broken records in recent months. In the present wave of terror many terrorists have gone into action after seeing broadcasts of incitement that call explicitly to kill Jews.

The murderer of Daphne Meir from Otniel, for example, told investigators that he set out to kill Jews after he watched incitement broadcast on Palestinian Television.

NGO Shurat HaDin, which uses legal actions against sponsors of terror around the world, has been working in recent weeks to file a complaint against the heads of Palestinian Television, Riyad Al-Hassan and Ahmed Assaf.

The goal: to recruit thousands of plaintiffs from around the world against the heads of the Palestinian Broadcasting.

NGO Shurat HaDin is preparing to submit the complaint in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, after enlisting plaintiffs for the complaint.

Shurat HaDin notes that there is precedent for a complaint such as this: the heads of television and radio in Rwanda were put on trial for war crimes for incitement to murder in the civil war that occurred there. They received sentences of 30 years imprisonment.

In the meantime, in order recruit plaintiffs, Shurat HaDin has initiated its campaign with the release of a video that will make noise: The video shows images of famous American television personalities with dubbed voiceovers as if they were calling to “kill Muslims,” to emphasize the message: “On American television no one would ever call to kill Muslims — but on Palestinian Television they call to kill Jews every day.”

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, President of Shurat HaDin, said: “The present terrorism is not a terrorism of individuals — it is clearly a television terrorism. When an official television broadcast brainwashes viewers that they need to kill Jews — they go and carry it out. We used to stop incitement in the mosques — today we need to stop the heads of Palestinian Broadcasting. This is not an opinion, it is a fact that is proven by the testimony of the murderers themselves. I call upon whoever wants to stop the terrorism, in Israel and throughout the whole world, to join the complaint. If we do not do this, the next murder is only a matter of time, and not only in Israel.”


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