Standing atop Beit HaTzalom, a property in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, with an extraordinary view of the Temple Mount, that Ateret Cohanim bought and turned into a residence for Jewish families are (L—R) Paul Gullo, Dan Halloran’s chief campaign advisor; Dr. Joseph Frager, chairman of the board of the World Committee for the Land of Israel; New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional District; Dr. Paul Brody, vice-president of WCLI; and Zev Brenner of Talkline Communications.

By Asher E. Taub

For the communities of Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, Forest Hills, Hillcrest, Fresh Meadows, and Briarwood, this November election is critical. These neighborhoods are part of the new 6th Congressional District. The candidates are Republican Councilman Dan Halloran and Democratic Assemblywoman Grace Meng. The two could not be more different.

Dan Halloran has been defined as a man of action in his three years on the City Council. A councilmember who is not afraid to take on anyone, including his own party. Being one of only four Republicans, he passed two bills and introduced 40 others. Unlike traditional Republicans, he only voted with his Republican colleagues 70% of the time. As he told me, he votes his conscience. Democratic Assemblywoman Grace Meng has passed no bills in her four years in Albany and has voted with the liberal Democratic Assembly 99.7% of the time. To boot, she has the worst attendance record in the Assembly, not being there 77% of the time.

In New York, it is certain that Barack Hussein Obama will win this state. Therefore many voters might tell themselves, “Why bother to vote? It will not make a difference.” In the 6th Congressional District, it will make a huge difference. Ms. Meng will not be an enemy of the Jews, but she supports Barack Obama. She will be one of those representatives who simply vote for aid to Israel and vote on non-binding resolutions in support of Israel. Dan Halloran will sincerely fight for Jews, Israel, and the people of his district. Dan is a man of action and resolve.
At a recent meeting with Dan Halloran and various Jewish leaders, an interesting story about him was brought up by one of the leaders of QJCC. During the non-hurricane of last year, the Young Israel of Bayside lost power. They called their local councilman, Dan Halloran, to see if he could speed up Con Edison’s response time. A few hours later, Dan Halloran comes into the shul carrying a generator. They were shocked to see their councilman schlepping a generator. That’s because they don’t know Dan Halloran. It is no wonder that Dan Halloran was rated number one in service to his constituents.

Dan Halloran was the only councilman who had the guts to call out the Sanitation Department on their work slowdown in the 2010 holiday snowstorm. Dan is the only councilman who voted against the World Trade Center mosque. Dan was the only councilman to tell Mayor Bloomberg that trying to regulate the size of soft drinks was just going too far. This same Dan Halloran has now gathered a coalition of city councilmen to stop a Jewish mayor’s attempt to regulate metzizah b’peh.

We need a fighter in Congress, not a party man or someone who just lets everything slide by. It is no wonder that every Jewish leader who has the pleasure to speak to Dan Halloran, whether in the United States or Israel, is taken by his passion and devotion. Each rav, politician, and minister whom Dan has met heartily endorses Dan for the job.
Jews and Israel are in a precarious situation. Israel faces new enemies on all of its borders and the threat of nuclear annihilation from Iran. We need friends in Congress–and not just friends, but fearless fighters for our cause. Dan is that fighter. Dan has a proven track record. It is critical that every Jew in the 6th Congressional District register to vote and go out and vote in November for Dan Halloran. To do otherwise is to allow the enemies of Jews and Israel to win.

Asher E. Taub, Esq., is a Republican former candidate for the 6th Congressional District
of New York.


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