Team Yachad has joined with Team Junee
Team Yachad has joined with Team Junee
Team Yachad has joined with Team Junee

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Mention June Abiksos’s name and you are sure to elicit unabashed praise. The personable proprietor of the popular Junee stores in the Five Towns, Brooklyn, and Lakewood lives to give, inspiring her family, friends, and customers by her exemplary acts of kindness.

“I launched my business to provide teenage girls and their moms with sharp, yet modest quality clothing at affordable prices,” she explained. “Prior to opening Junee, it was almost impossible to find fashion-forward apparel with appropriate lengths; all the skirts were either 21 inches or 23 inches long.”

Realizing the need for a great fashion source that would afford customers a fun, shopping experience featuring on-trend clothing that would meet the standards of a bas Yisrael, June and her husband David founded Junee, to the delight of their multi-generational customers.

If you are the mother of a teenaged daughter, chances are you are a member of Junee’s multigenerational family of clients. You are well aware that Junee is the go-to source for everything modest, fashion-forward, and affordable, and that they feature a stellar selection of the season’s most wanted colors in tzniyus apparel. You’ve experienced the signature service and upbeat shopping experience that have been an integral part of Junee since its inception. You are one of the many savvy shoppers from the Five Towns, five boroughs, and beyond, who have made Junee their go-to source for fabulous fun fashion at great quality and unbeatable prices.

Junee is the definitive source for the season’s fashion trends in tzniyus-appropriate styles. You will find a stellar selection of sumptuous fabrics in a gorgeous palette of colors: sharp sweaters, skirts, and shells; beautiful dresses; elegant couture; plus a full line of stunning accessories to enhance your wardrobe. From casual to chic, with Junee’s unsurpassed selection and terrific staff of fashion professionals, it’s like having your own personal stylist!

Featuring the Junee concept of sharp, yet modest, fun fashion that is affordably priced, Junee Jr. features up-to-the-minute style and a superb selection of clothing and accessories for the youngest shopper, all tzniyus and age-appropriate.

Simply stated, Junee does it all. But more than just a favorite place to shop, Junee is a center of chesed, of caring and compassion for anyone in need. Ever grateful for the blessings Hashem has bestowed upon her family, June and her husband David are exemplars of chesed who believe in giving back to the community. One of the many chesed organizations they actively support is Ohr Naava, which honored June and David with the Chesed Award at the Ohr Naava Appreciation Dinner last year.

More than just a hub of wholesome fun, Ohr Naava is a place of growth and meaning and a supportive network of friends and mentors. It is the universal address of your friends, neighbors, sisters, and daughters.

June and David are also active supporters of Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities. A thriving organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities, Yachad ensures their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. The inclusion aims to ensure people with diverse disabilities their rightful place within the Jewish community while helping educate and advocate to the Jewish world for greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro-disability attitude.

For the second consecutive year, Team Junee will be running together with Team Yachad on February 2. Team Junee joined Team Yachad for the first time in the 2013 Marathon in Florida. When June and David spoke to the prospective runners about running 13.1 miles for a worthy organization last year, most were excited and anxious. “Now we had to figure out how we were going to train for this race, considering we were having doughnuts and coffee at the office every morning,” recalls one of the participants, who will be running again this year. “With much perseverance and encouragement, 12 of us made the commitment to run. Knowing that we were giving back to such a helpful and amazing organization made it so much easier! Yachad is dedicated to helping and including individuals with disabilities into the community. The staff is understanding and accepting of every person.” She adds, “The cause became part of us for months; Zumba-thon fundraisers taught by Junee Jr. owner Jaclyn Sarig were a hit. When people heard who or what we were running for, they didn’t hesitate to help. For months, the cause became part of our lives, with June and David inspiring us. We were all so motivated, we counted the days! I don’t think any of us has ever experienced such an amazing, uplifting, and inspirational Shabbat. We were truly able to see what Yachad is all about. Waking up at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning was the biggest rush we ever felt!

“Seeing so many people run for what they believe in . . . was outstanding. It felt like such an accomplishment that, as a team, we were able to cross the finish line. We definitely have never experienced anything like this in our lives!”

That June and David inspire others through their acts of chesed, generosity, and dedication to the greater good is reflected by their impact on Team Junee. “Now, by just having a little taste of what it means to give back to the community, we can’t wait to continue giving. We feel as though we are the ones gaining from this experience and we’re so excited to run once again with Team Yachad 20141”

To show your support for Team Junee and sponsor a runner, visit and click on Team Junee.

Such is the chesed that permeates each Junee and Junee Jr. location, whether it be raising thousands of dollars by running for a worthy cause; making a significant contribution to charity; or donating beautiful, brand-new clothing with the utmost level of discretion and modesty, June and David inspire by example. Not only do they give from their hearts, but they are the catalyst for others to perform mitzvos and chesed b’simcha. “With Chanukah fast approaching, we are sponsoring a Toy Drive on behalf of children in need,” said June. “Please bring new, unwrapped toys to any of our Junee locations and light up a child’s Chanukah. May Hashem bless us with the ability to give.”

Please bring brand new, unwrapped toys to any Junee location: Five Towns–396 Central Avenue in Lawrence, 516-569-0035; Flatbush–1313 Avenue J, 718-338-3307; Boro Park–4622 18th Avenue, 718-871-0076; Lakewood–Grebow Shopping Plaza, 6784 Route 9, 732-534-6077. v


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