By 5TJT Staff

Looking at Hurricane Sandy in a positive light, the super-storm put us all in touch with a part of ourselves that even we did not know existed. Based on the endless intervention from within our community, it’s safe to say that Hurricane Sandy took a community noted for its level of beneficence and caused us to raise the bar of selflessness and giving. The efforts expended to see to it that the needs, no matter how tedious, of all community members be addressed serves as a reminder just how close at heart we are and where our priorities on an individual and communal level really stand.

There is one couple in particular who can’t rest knowing that there is a person or a group of people somewhere out there that is lacking in one way or another. Her many success stories have been written up here and elsewhere and she and her husband are known for the countless weddings that they have facilitated for couples who, without their selflessness and determination, could not rejoice fully thinking of the overwhelming costs of getting married. I am referring to Marc and Nicole Gleitman and the Claire Kamhi Hachnosas Kallah fund which was founded in 1999 as a merit for her sister who battled pancreatic cancer and passed away shortly thereafter.

Nicole has spearheaded a campaign to assuage the emotional tensions of teenagers whose families have been displaced as a result of the hurricane. For a variety of reasons, some of these teens have found it hard to rebound and cope with the reality of not being able to afford the things that would have been givens in their lives had the hurricane not put their families tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars behind. In Nicole’s own words, “We kind of forget about the teenage faction amongst us, telling ourselves that they are old enough to deal with the consequences–forgetting that they too are children.” With Chanukah clearly on the horizon and full relief months away, Nicole has been going door to door and school to school setting up the logistics of this, her latest campaign, which she says has been met with widespread approval.

For starters, the campaign will include high schoolers who attend HALB, HAFTR, and Mesivta Ateres Yaakov and will be adjusted to include more yeshivos based on the funds allocated towards this cause. To donate to this most worthy cause, please call Nicole directly at 516-650-0498 and make checks payable to Claire Kamhi Fund, memo High School/Chanukah. Let’s hope that as a result of all the goodness that has flowed from our hearts in these trying times, we will merit a spirit of calm, peace, and prosperity with the coming of Mashiach soon in our days.


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