By James Horn

The Obama administration is demonstrably the least trustworthy and most corrupt and corrupted administration this country has ever experienced. There may be people who will disagree with this assessment. Cognitive skills escape some people.

Hillary Clinton, Barak [Hussein] Obama, Leon Panetta, and dozens more worked tirelessly not to solve the Benghazigate incident, but to cover it up, and now it is apparent that the same Obama crew (as in ‘gangsta’ crew) are busily covering up certain aspects or threads linking to the Boston jihadi (dare I use the forbidden term, Islamoterrorist) attack.

Four people were slaughtered by jihadis in Benghazi and Obama, Clinton, and dozens of others lied blaming the “Innocence of Muslims” video that had been posted on the internet for several months without notice. Clearly the lies of Obama, Clinton, and others remain an intentional attempt to blame innocent people for the terrorist attack committed by an al Qaeda affiliate.

Reportedly, the Islamic terrorist action at Benghazi took the CIA by surprise. That’s no surprise. The CIA is inept in gathering and analyzing meaningful on-the-ground intelligence. The causes of the CIA’s ineptitude is discussed in detail in the (censored by the CIA) book EXPERIENCING ISLAM and Becoming Islam-Aware.

Apparently, the CIA was heavily involved in the illegal acquisition of weapons from terrorist al Qaeda affiliates in Libya and shipping them to al Qaeda Sunni terrorists in Syria via Turkey. Of course, we taxpayers paid the bill for these weapons. One cannot claim that the so-called freedom fighters in Syria are all Syrians. Several thousand Turks, Palestinians, Jordanians, Saudis, and others are involved. The Saudis are their paymasters. The CIA, which is heavily infiltrated by Islamists who are not kindly disposed towards the USA was acting at the behest of the Sunni Saudis who hate and fear the Shiia/Alawites who govern Syria and Iran. Obama was aware of all of this as was Hillary Clinton. They may even have played active roles in planning this. They certainly jumped in for the cover up and lied and lied for weeks until mounting pressure forced them to admit their deceit and admit that the terrorist act was a planned and orchestrated al Qaeda attack. Americans died, and Obama and Clinton lied. We should never forget this.

Weeks after the incident, we learned through leaks that there were about thirty other Americans present in Benghazi during this terrorist attack. They were hustled out of the country and into solitude (imprisoned) where months later nobody knows who they are or where they are, or why they are being silenced. This stinks. It is clearly a cover up to keep the American public from knowing the depth of the Obama/Clinton involvement and why. Who is pulling their puppet strings?

The Saudis and other Arabs who have illegally funded Obama’s two elections have IOU’s coming from Obama, and they called these in. The Sunnis …read more
Source: Israpundit


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