The upscale Ramat Givat Zeev neighborhood is taking a step forward from the planning stage to the execution stage: The magnificent artist renderings and images of the neighborhood, with its roads, elegant fountains, and homes, are beginning to become reality. The construction work of the entrance to the neighborhood has begun.

The first impressive fountain has already been installed in the central square of the neighborhood at an investment of NIS 500,000. The beautiful fountain at the entrance to Ramat Givat Zeev symbolizes the concept of a “Green Neighborhood,” as declared by the developers. This concept is apparent in every corner of the neighborhood, from the expansive, verdant parks that include thousands of trees, to the well-tended gardens and playgrounds for children, wide roads, illuminated footpaths, and breathtaking squares enhanced by large water fountains. A short trip through the roads of the neighborhood will give the viewer a sense that he or she is in a luxurious, tranquil environment nestled in greenery. It’s no wonder that the authorities have dubbed this neighborhood the “Caesarea of Jerusalem.”

The management office that will serve the hundreds of buyers as they go about designing their homes has begun to operate. Demand for Ramat Givat Zeev is among the highest in the chareidi real estate market, as potential buyers are aware that this is a one-time opportunity for quality residential options in the Jerusalem area. Real estate experts believe that the day people begin to move into their new homes, the demand will be among the highest in the country and many will have to wait for an apartment to become available.

News about Ramat Givat Zeev has spread both in the United States and in Israel, and for good reason. This is Chish Nofei Israel’s flagship project, and the company is committed to establishing a unique neighborhood with an exceptionally cohesive community. Here, you can find people like you who are interested in living in a good neighborhood, in harmony. The neighborhood shul will emanate a warm, familial atmosphere, the excellent educational institutions will meet the needs of the residents with the highest academic standards, and the neighborhood will also feature shopping and recreation facilities of the highest standards. v


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