Mayor Alex Edelman

By Larry Gordon

That is what it was, the election that many hoped would not have to take place. As I’ve written here in the past, the tradition in the 121-year-old Village of Lawrence has always been that the mayor runs unopposed as a courtesy and consideration to the volunteer service to the community.

But that was not the case this year as longtime trustee Michael Fragin believed that there was a deal that would clear the way for him to run unopposed and be elected mayor of Lawrence.

Whether it was a misunderstanding or a change in the conditions attached to the proposed arrangement, Mayor Edelman decided that it was important for him to seek reelection and a significant number of village residents apparently agreed by giving the mayor a margin of victory of 158 votes prior to the counting of the absentee ballots, which only totaled 125 and which might tighten the race but would not impact on the outcome.

In a sense, an otherwise harmonious community had a wedge inserted between different parts of the village and many people found that unnecessary and disturbing.

The good thing, however, is that it is over. Alex Edelman will continue to serve as mayor for at least the next two years and Mr. Fragin will continue to serve as a trustee along with trustees Syma Diamond and Uri Kaufman who were re-elected and trustee Danny Goldstein who is up for reelection next year.

Now all involved want to put this behind us and continue to work together in the spirit of unity for which this part of Long Island is known.


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