Avoiding all political correctness, there are some ancestral reasons that Iran should have been easy to deal with. However, the last administration coddled the mullahs in Iran and let opportunity fly away. It may be too late to do anything about it right now; however, later on, after Iran is in pieces, there could be a basis for change.

Iranians (historically called Persians) are not Arabs. Iran (Persia) was home to a set of rather mighty empires, most notably the Achaemenid Empire, which fell to Alexander, then later on the Parthian and Sassanid Empires, which kept the Roman Empire at bay until Emperor Heraclius (Bzyantine/East Roman Empire) finally defeated them in A.D. 628.

To put it bluntly, and politically incorrectly, the Persians were not Semites, but Indo-Europeans. To those unaware, Indo-Europeans are those peoples who came out of the Caucasus area, hence the term “Caucasian.” Most moved west into Europe; a noticeable few went eastward into Iran, northern India, and Xingjiang, China (the Uyghurs). Persians are essentially Europeans who went the wrong way.

To this day, ethnic Persians can pass easily for Mediterranean Greeks or Italians. To further emphasize this, the Balkan Croatians claim descent from these Iranians.

According to a recent research, in the time before the great migration of nations (before the fall of the Western Roman Empire), two tribes of Iranian origin set out on a great adventure. Serbs and Croats were once tribes of Iranian origin[.]

Indeed, Iran’s national language is an Indo-European tongue: Farsi. Farsi uses an Arabic alphabet, but the language is not Semitic — think of Yiddish, which is a Germanic/Slavic dialect that uses the Hebrew alphabet. Likewise, Iranian is closer to English than Arabic.

So what happened?

The Byzantine (they called themselves Roman) and Sassanid Persian Empires fought a brutal decades-long war, which Byzantium finally won in A.D. 628. Both empires were so weakened that they fell prey to Islam just a few years later. Byzantium had some fight left and would take over 800 years to fall, but Persia was conquered in two decades by A.D. 651.

The Iranians have never forgotten this. We all know that with Islam comes the sexual takeover of the female population. Women are booty, and there is a degree of genetic drift, as children of mixed ethnicity arrive nine months after conquest. Islam — which originated on the side of the Arabian peninsula adjacent to the African coast — must have necessarily brought in some African blood as well. The ethnic makeup of Iran today is not what it was 1,400 years ago, pre-Islam.

To put it bluntly, if the Viking predations lightened the complexions of many European nations, Muslim invaders made them more swarthy. The clearest example of this would be the Gaels versus the Galicians of Spain. Galicia was once a temporary waystation of the Goidelic Celts, who, according to legend, then went from Spain to Ireland. These …read more

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