Koren NCSY Siddurim at SKA

By Yafa Storch

For the past two years, the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has partnered with the Legacy 613 Foundation to create innovative educational opportunities for our students. This summer, SKA received grant money from the foundation to purchase Koren NCSY Siddurim, developed by Debbie Stone, for all of our students.

The siddurim have highlighted words, thought-provoking questions, suggestions for reflection and pictures that enhance the tefillah experience and allow teachers to create educational moments during daily tefillah. Mrs. Leanne Taylor, TTYL (Turning Tefillah into Your Life) coordinator, explains, “The siddurim are a useful educational tool. I focus on one tefillah each day and use the questions and ideas presented in the siddur to give the girls a better understanding of what they are saying.”

Students were excited to receive the siddurim at SKA’s orientation and have begun to appreciate their innovative and useful features. 11th-grader Elisheva Wolff notes that the Koren siddur is a “very visual siddur and that helps me understand what I’m saying.” Junior Batsheva Usher appreciates “the inspirational points and the clear print which help keep my attention focused during davening.”

We look forward to incorporating the siddurim into our TTYL programs throughout the year and utilizing them to enhance our kavanah and create a deeper connection to tefillah.


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