By Larry Gordon –

The show in New York City yesterday was unnerving. This whole Bill Di Blassio pandering to the poor is little more than a pantomime, a rhetorical charade chock full of emptiness. The theme of the new mayor’s inauguration at City Hall on New Year’s Day was ridding the city of what the new mayor and others called “income inequality.” If earning a lot of money is an offense, these guys are the greatest offenders.

Di Blasio and his family live in a $2 million home in Brooklyn Heights that they are of course keeping while they move into the new opulently decorated Gracie Mansion for the next four years. Mrs. Di Blasio worked for six figures at Citibank for years, his children went to expensive private schools and his daughter received a scholarship to a private college in California.

And who do you think was Bill Di Balssio’s choice to swear him into office? Well, it was none other than his hero former President Bill Clinton, a true man of the people and a fighter for the underprovided. Oh yes, we forgot to mention that Clinton receives $500,000 for a 45 minute speech on the international speaking circuit. Income redistribution, this might have been a good place to begin.

And yes both Bill and Hilary Clinton have become millionaires many times over cashing in on their years of public service reaching out and helping this less fortunate. And there were of course the Hollywood types like Susan Sarandon and Cynthia Nixon talking about how “the people are taking the city back.” Sure they spend most of their time in California earning millions doing movie and TV shows. So yes, the people of the city can breathe a sigh of relief. The big bad billionaire monster Mike Bloomberg is gone. The hypocrites have arrived.


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