Last weeks back and forth murderous bombings and missile launches between Gaza and Israel was a throwback to days gone by and never should have happened.  It was both nostalgic and destructive.  And that is because in many ways, wars these days are no longer being fought on a battle field.  They are being fought in cyberspace, on television, radio, in newspapers and at the United Nations and other diplomatic forums.

The aimless achievement of the Palestinian Authority to upgrade their status as a non-member state at the UN will be a short-lived public relations coup and little more.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has already stated numerous times that the move will set back the so-called peace process instead of advancing it.  Because Netanyahu said that, to counter, Palestinian President Mohammad Abbas stated that the vote in his favor will bring the two state solution to the Israel-Palestinian struggle closer.  With the Abbas track record of double talk and duplicity, you can rest assured that that whatever he says will achieve the exact opposite of his pronounced objectives.

The hope of some in Israel was that if Abbas makes this unilateral move which violates numerous signed agreements with Israel, then Israel will have to respond by also unilaterally maneuvering in some fashion.  Some gave advocated finally annexing Judea and Samaria as was done long ago to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

As the day of the pro-PA status vote arrives though, it looks like Israel has decided to ignore the process and just carry on as they have until now—dealing with the PA as they are today—diplomatically and politically irrelevant.

Many feel that the best response to the Abbas long talked about move is none at all.  Allow the great anticipated upgrade in diplomatic status and the week and ineffective UN to take place in a vacuum. It looks like the decision by Israel has been taken to respond by not responding in any substantive way at all.  That is Israel’s strength in this situation.  That is, the power to do nothing. 


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