A friend of mine recently told me that this confederation idea was gaining traction behind the scenes. This info came from a high ranking Israeli official. One other benefit for the West is that Jordan could invite all refugees to return to Jordan and get full citizenship. Ted Belman

By Dr Reuven Berko, ISRAEL HAYOM

During its meeting last month in Qatar’s capital, Doha, the Arab League voted to grant the Syrian opposition a representative seat in the organization. The decision raised eyebrows in the Palestinian Authority because Ramallah is concerned that the Arab League could implement a “Syria scenario” whereby the League would recognize Hamas as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, thus severing the PA. PA officials have said openly that Hamas is seeking to eliminate the Palestinian Liberation Organization – which the United Nations and over 100 countries recognize as the sole representative of the Palestinian people – and replace it with something else.

As a consequence of the Arab Spring, Arab representatives have flown to the Gaza Strip to visit Hamas representatives and to show solidarity, sidelining the PA. The Arab League’s decision to deliver $1 billion to the Jerusalem Fund, which was developed for the benefit of Arabs living in east Jerusalem, and Qatar’s decision to advance $250 million to that fund, both signal a trend, spurred by Qatar, to eliminate the PA. The funds are meant to finance Hamas’s tentacles creeping into Jerusalem and the West Bank, provide the terrorist group with a religious base in Jerusalem and aid Hamas in its complete takeover of the Palestinian territories. Even negotiations for reconciliation between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which were held in the Muslim Brotherhood’s home arena, Egypt, in attendance by Arab foreign ministers, are being portrayed in the PA as a “fixed match” meant to immolate the PA.

Bearing this in mind, a trip by foreign ministers from the Arab League to Washington to promote, ostensibly, the Arab-Saudi peace proposal of 2000 reflects these officials’ treacherous aptitude for doublespeak. Crushing the PLO while strengthening Hamas’s foundations in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank destroys any likelihood for a peaceful solution in the area, and threatens not only Israel but Jordan as well.

Former PLO leader Yasser Arafat had tried to conquer of the Temple Mount, neutralize Israel and the Jordanians, and leverage PLO control of Islam’s third holiest site as a nationalistic argument for establishing the Palestinian nation’s future capital in Jerusalem. Israel’s firm response led to the withdrawal of most of Arafat’s people from the Temple Mount, but the conflict has yet to abate.

In light of the PA’s failure to properly oversee Al Aqsa mosque, Jordan continued – within the framework of its peace agreement with Israel and thanks to apparent tolerance by the PA – to manage the mosque’s administration. Jordan appointed and paid officials and budgeted huge sums of money for the mosque’s maintenance and refurbishment. In addition, the peace accords granted the Jordanian dynasty preference in any …read more
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