By Larry Gordon

Sometimes there are things in life that are just too difficult to get done—and that is where Marilyn Karpoff comes into the picture.

Marilyn has a fascinating story to tell from her career as an audiologist and speech pathologist to her arriving at the conclusion that at certain transitional times of life, families require the guidance and service of a professional with insight and experience to direct them accordingly.

When you speak to Marilyn Karpoff, it becomes immediately and abundantly clear that you are talking with a seasoned and caring professional who performs with sensitivity and consideration.

Marilyn’s company—Karpoff Affiliates—specializes in what is aptly referred to as “senior transitions.” And that is specifically the matter of an elderly parent, grandparent, or other relative or friend who has to or wants to downsize because they no longer require a large or costly home.

Aside from the usual hassle and details that accompany moving, there is the matter of emotional and familial sentimentality that can sometimes complicate and delay these matters, often when time is of the essence.

Marilyn is an expert in real estate and is a real-estate broker who can sell your home or apartment at the right price and assist you in finding new living quarters. And while this type of big move can wear a person down, Marilyn’s many years of experience and expertise make it a stress-free matter that gets done efficiently and expeditiously.

So what are some of those things that you may not be anticipating having to deal with at times like these? Here’s a list of things to consider, which Karpoff Affiliates can facilitate for you and your family. First there is the matter of selling a home and deciding where to move. Then there is the painstaking issue of organizing, packing, moving, assessing the value of household items, what to keep, what to sell, and what to just give away or discard.

Marilyn Karpoff lifts burdens from family members and allows these important lifestyle changes to take place without pressure or tension—and that is the most important thing to consider when these types of shifts take place in a family.

So just about all that you will have to do is pick up the phone and tell Marilyn that you need a meeting or a consultation because your elderly parents want to downsize or move.

You can reach Marilyn at 212-358-8044 or at



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