By 5TJT Staff

“People are just amazed that it can be so easy to stay fit and healthy.”

That’s how Hinda Mizrahi starts to describe the fitness phenomenon that is rocking the Five Towns–Koko FitClub. “This is a completely revolutionary concept,” says Hinda. “It’s not like any other gym or club in the world. Koko is something that you need to see in action to understand how great it is.”

So we went down for a visit to see firsthand what the “Koko Revolution” is all about. Mrs. Mizrahi hit the nail on the head when she explained that traditional gyms just don’t cut it for most people.

“Gyms can be intimidating.” (Oh, how true!) “People looking to trim a few pounds feel inadequate. People looking to stay in shape feel overwhelmed. And almost nobody is exercising properly, save for the few people who shell out the extra money to hire a personal trainer.”

Koko FitClub was created to change all that. It was built from the ground up around the way you work and live. Any Koko employee will tell you that his or her #1 goal is to help you succeed at your fitness goal–whether that is to shed weight, stay in shape, address health concerns, or just feel healthy.

Brandon, the fitness supervisor in Cedarhurst, filled us in on some of the customer-centric features that set Koko apart. “What other gym has 24-hour access? You can come and go as you like and you don’t pay a cent extra for it!”

“From day one, we do things differently,” Brandon explained. “Every member undergoes a simple analysis that studies every aspect of their health and body. Then a tailor-made plan is created to help that individual achieve his or her fitness goals.”

From there, a schedule is charted out that utilizes convenient 30-minute sessions to work toward success, because, as Brandon put it, “who can’t find 30 minutes in their day to stay fit?”

There is another important element to the Koko regimen. Since no fitness program is complete without proper eating habits, Koko initiated a complete online nutrition guide–customized to each person’s unique needs–to help users stay on track in and out of the club. The guide includes calorie guidance, food recommendations, and even complete menus to help you eat healthy.

“Koko does all the thinking for you,” says Hinda. “You just have to come in and work out.” The bottom line is that you get all the benefits of a personal fitness trainer, plus much more, at a fraction of the price and twice the convenience. All of that equals a healthier you.

Hinda is passionate about the benefits that Koko FitClub can have on a person. “People have told me that they never succeeded at any fitness program before they found Koko. It is so easy and so convenient, it is almost impossible not to succeed if you keep to the plan.”

Her message is simple: “Stop by and try out a free demo and you’ll see why Koko is transforming the world of fitness. Now is a great time because we’re celebrating our first anniversary and we’ve got a great promotion for new members. We’re looking forward to seeing you!”

To take advantage of the special anniversary celebration promotion going on until the end of the month or for more information about Koko FitClub in Cedarhurst and Hewlett, just call 516-295-5656. v


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