Thumbnail for 81596 Day twenty  of the  Gaza confrontation. I do not use the word  war, because the Israeli government and IDF do not.

I attended  yet another funeral today at  the military cemetery in Mount Herzl. Seargant  Amit  Yeari  of the  Combat  Engineers, was  tearfully eulogized by family and friends.  He was  the perfect son, brother, friend and comrad.. They all are. And they were. Forty three beautiful  souls as of this writing.

As I stood under the hot afternoon sun along with thousands of others, I looked around me and saw once again Am Yisroel (The People of Israel) come out in their thousands.

Every  color of  uniform, every  complexion was there. Like  myself,the vast majority did not know him, but it is a phenomenon this time  around; huge funerals. Something is different this time.

I could not help but thinking again and again about the cost we are paying now as in the last two Gaza “operations’. It is a very sorry thought, but  if the government does not allow the IDF to finish the  job this third time, as they clearly want  to, the lives  lost will have indeed been in vain.

If the government agrees to anything less than a decisive victory, there will be a general loss of spirit among the Jewish population and a  very angry electorate.

For the first time any one can recall, the Left media “intellectual elites” feel under popular attack. There  has never been such unity around our army and clear hate for our enemy. We may actually be acting  like  a normal people for the first time in a generation.

It seems like the Oslo addicts and  high priests of national self delusion are losing their grips on the  minds of Joe Israeli. He knew, for  a long time that  something was  very not right, though he  was told  by those who claimed  to know  better that all is well.There is no other option… He  has   a very  strange feeling this time..

That feeling is now finding a voice.

Certainly, this mood is not lost to the politicians and  for the first time the normally vociferous Left politicians  are  keeping a low profile. Left wing journalist  say they have never  felt  so threatened – even physically. The Left wing Jewish/Arab demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Haifa require  huge police escorts.

Right wing politicians  see the polls and are positioning for a  peace of the pie It will be very interesting

“Haaretz” news paper which has a reputation as the country’s  leading Israel basher, has been deluged with cancellations and ferocious mass talk backs. Some of their more consistently  pro Arab writers have body guards.

This is a first.

Something is happening in Israel. Even the great White (or almost ) father in Washington and his secretary of State seem to no  longer cast as threatening a shadow as before. .

Is the Lion of Judah finally awakening..or is this just a  stirring?


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