By Bruce A. Blakeman

The purpose of a mask is to disguise the wearer so that his true identity is shielded. Such are the circumstance of the American and international “liberals” who support the boycott and divestment of Israeli business and cultural groups (BDS). Just as the criminal uses the mask to hide his face, the liberal uses the mask of “human rights” to disguise his anti-Semitism.

With so many countries in the world engaging in violence and discrimination against women, ethnic cleansing, totalitarianism, and genocide, which country do the liberals focus their attention? Shamefully they focus on a democracy that protects the rights of women, where the residents have basic human rights and are governed by the rule of law and the principles of religious freedom.

The liberal does not call for the boycott of Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, or Saudi Arabia, choosing instead to ignore basic human-rights violations that far exceed anything Israel’s harshest critics suggest. Rather, the liberals, draped in the cloak of academia and grasping the shield of celebrity target a small island of democracy surrounded by a sea of inhumanity as their cause of protest, knowing full well the dishonesty of their mission.

This is not a human-rights mission. It is a mission to destroy Israel and harm the Jew. There can be no other explanation. It is anti-Semitism at its purest. Shamelessly, the liberal academic and celebrity chooses to ignore the atrocities of the enemies of America and democracy, instead choosing to focus his energies on Israel. Can one imagine the outrage and uproar the liberals would have if America or Australia banned women from driving? Yet not a word about those places where women are routinely subject to far worse fates, such as “stoning.”

People of good will need to rip the mask off and expose these villains for who they are. Growing up, I was a big fan of both rock stars Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Elvis Costello. I can no longer listen to their music. Their support of BDS is a sick melody of anti-Semitism replacing whatever musical genius they may have once had. The failure to expose is the first step toward legitimizing their hypocrisy and bigotry. It’s time to snatch away all the masks and let all the liberal haters be exposed for what they are: anti-Semites! v

Bruce Blakeman is running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District. To learn more, visit


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