Award-Winning Marketing Guru Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

It’s easy to understand why Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg has been published in well over 30 prestigious publications, including Inc. Magazine, which honored him with its coveted 2005 Entrepreneur of the Year distinction.

“When I enter a new field, I always go into the field not only in breadth, but in depth,” said Rabbi Ginzberg. “This is what led me to understand FICO scores and credit reports, exactly what makes them tick, and how to raise credit scores by over 100 points in less than 14 days.”

Don’t be surprised by his bekeshe and payos; blessed by Hashem with a keen business acumen and tremendous talents, Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg is a veritable marketing phenomenon. Owners from around the world use his advice to boost their bottom lines. Via his columns in The Jerusalem Post and The English Update, his seminars, his recorded lectures, and his interviews with media outlets around the globe, Rabbi Ginzberg’s unique, hard-hitting, and immediately actionable advice has transformed tens if not hundreds of thousands of lives. Last year, he was chosen as an Orthodox Jewish All-Star by Jew in the City, alongside United States Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Robert Aumann, at an event held in New York City sponsored by the Orthodox Union.

When Rabbi Ginzberg speaks, prestigious companies like Google listen. He showed Google’s employees a single technique that improved their own internal results.

He has advised famous Israeli politicians and political parties on how to become more liked, gain more prominence and popularity, and create a better media identity. He has helped nonprofit organizations apply simple techniques to considerably increase their traffic and membership rosters, as well as donations from the same donors, without any additional work.

Rabbi Ginzberg has helped a famous physician improve his medical practice, generate media exposure, and make their clients walk out the door happier than before. A Hollywood studio benefitted greatly when he advised them on business and social media strategy, helping them conquer a new area with controlled costs and exposure to a targeted audience.

With Rabbi Ginzberg’s help, a U.S. government consultant bypassed a maze of bureaucracy and paperwork, increasing his pay by over $1,000 . . . a day! He has advised a publicly traded company with roughly $60,000,000 in annual income on how to expand their reach and generate more recurring income, and he met with their sales team to guide them through the real secrets to making a major profit from LinkedIn.

For all his “public persona,” Issamar says he “still feels a bit odd talking about himself as some kind of superperson,” describing himself, rather, as “just a regular guy who was blessed from Above to be a Chassidic Jew (FFB, which only matters because people assume that can’t be the case).”

There is even more to Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg than meets the eye; something about him that many find truly fascinating. “I am technically a Chassidic rebbe; this means that I have signed ‘hachtara’ letters from rebbes saying that I am expected to be the continuation of the dynasty of Nadvorna-Kechnia,” he explained. “The reason this is important in the context of what I do is because the reason that I don’t go ‘open a business of my own’ is that I aim toward that ultimate goal; this is a way to generate kosher parnassah for my family while allowing me to live the way I choose–and when people hear about me and come and phone/Skype with me from all over the world and from many cultures and backgrounds, it’s about what I can do for them. They couldn’t care less that I look as if I’ve just stepped out of Fiddler on the Roof. I am currently looking for an appropriate location in Jerusalem for a shul/shteeble where I can continue the traditions of my illustrious forbearers.”

He explains, “Along with Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Felix Dennis, I am fortunate to be self-educated. I know that results are what matter most and have established a reputation as someone who always delivers beyond expectations.”

Rabbi Ginzberg’s goal is always to empathize with the person he is talking to, and to want the success they want for themselves. “My job is then to provide reliable perspective, growth-focused insights and ideas, and high-impact actions that can be implemented.”

He is a strategy and marketing advisor, ideas generator, action planner, mentor, and friend to business professionals and entrepreneurs, to companies large and small, and to marketing specialists worldwide.

“I don’t shy away from the latest trends; there’s kosher money to be made in embracing the latest forms of technology and social media, when done for the right reasons and in the right way. (My home has no Web access, just e-mail, by the way.) Many people embrace social media without realizing that the old maxim of ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ and my favorite social media quote of ‘Social media is only free if time has no value’ are so true; if you spend hours and days tweeting and getting likes on Facebook, you aren’t getting anywhere, and if you make three sales from all that work, don’t be so proud of your work, until you think how many valuable man hours you’ve invested for those measly low sales. Social media is really regular media at the speed of light; you can reach people faster, see results faster, and hop onto trends faster . . . but you need to target the right people in the right way using the right medium. Having worked in and built several successful businesses, and [having] been open to learning much along the way, I bring a special blend of experience to my roles as strategist, right-hand confidant, and often behind-the-scenes ‘marketer to marketing experts’ to business people of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets. I give Torah classes, have published a book about business in Yiddish called ‘B’sachbulos,’ and have several DVD and MP3 products that are sold on Amazon and elsewhere. My clients include famous doctors, attorneys, bestselling authors, famous musicians, and nonprofits in several countries.” v

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor to The Five Towns Jewish Times. She can be reached for comment at


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