It seems that the usual breakneck pace and volume of events in Israel is living up to it’s reputation… and then some these days.
After less than two years in office, the country is on the verge of early elections.

The straw that is threatening to break the government’s back this time is the so called “National Law” proposal.
Most, including myself are some what confused about this law. It basically is designed to fortify and stress the Jewish component of what is often described as the “Jewish and democratic” state of Israel (or vis versa depending on your sensitivities).

The prime minister explains that the Jewish component has been eroded and under attack from without and from within. This is true. It is part of a process that has defined a generation of “Liberal/Left” in Israel and abroad.
The traditional secular/socialist / European origin elites ruled this land with a non compromising grip from the pre state period through 1977. It was then, that Menachem Begin and the Likud replaced labor for the first time. This was a d a shocking, very black day for the former lords of the land. They never accepted that loss and acted as if something of theirs was stolen from them. In their arrogance and anger they proceeded to delegitimize and sabotage the will of the people.

Never comfortable with the idea of God and traditional Jewish faith, the losers launched a consistent attack on both as they saw them as the purview of the new illegitimate upstarts.
For the first time in Israel’s history, Israelis (Peace Now, Labor and allies) demonstrated in large numbers against the 1982 Lebanon war – while the bullets were flying. accusing Israel’s prime minister of murderer.
For the first time there were calls to disobey orders and not to serve.

For the first time demonstrators kept a daily accounting of the war dead outside the prime minister’s residence.
For the first time, extreme Left journalists fawned over Arafat as he was surrounded by the IDF in Beirut.
These were the celebrities of the enraged elites”.

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It has been a generation since, and this has become a norm. It is the epitome of cool to be included in the avant garde “post Zionist” cadre. Moral relativism is the apex of sopistication.
The more one sympathises with the enemy and criticizes the country, the worthier he is considered by academia ,media and the “beautiful” crowd.He ( or she) is a “free thinker”..

Yes, Netanyahu has a point when he says that this has indeed been a trend and that our critics from overseas take their kew from within israel. I am still not convinced that a “law’ stating the Jewishness of the state is what we need or will change anything. (I also charge Netanyahu with abetting this trend by continually including Left parties to share power, against the will of his electorate. He too wants to be get a nod from the beautiful crowd.)
However, as you look throughout history and want to know who the bad guys were in their generation, there is a reliable litmus test; who were trying to destroy the Jews at that time.. Never fails.The bad guys can never stomach the Jews and what they represent.

This rule of thumb has not changed today.
However, with the establishment of the state of Israel, this barometer has become an even more sensitive instrument.

Today we can judge all the nations of the world as how they choose to relate to the Jewish state; and even more, we can fine tune the barometer to study the Jews amongst us. It is becoming all so very clear, just as the prophets said it would be in the end of days.

If Mahmud Abbas fumes and threatens over the law and encourages his “partners” in the Israeli Left to oppose it ,then according to the time proven litmus test…it must be good for the Jews.


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