Cynthia Nixon Twitter profile pic

By Larry Gordon

Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful, Cynthia Nixon, wants it both ways. She apparently wants New Yorkers to believe that she is both an advocate of the boycott of the state of Israel but at the same time an ardent supporter of the two state solution proposing a state of Israel alongside a state of Palestine.

But Nixon’s zig zag comments on Israel are not fooling anyone. She is a clear critic of Israel who would cheerfully support the establishment of a new Arab state precisely where Israel exists and is indeed flourishing today. In 2010 Nixon signed a letter along with 150 other actors and actresses declaring their refusal to perform in Israel and in particular in the settlement communities.

Attorney and great supporter of Israel Alan Dershowitz has said that Nixon is plain and simply a bigot that supports anti-Israel and anti-Jewish groups like Jewish Voice For Peace and is aligned with noted anti-Semite Vanessa Redgrave in calling for a boycott of Israel. This week Nixon announced that she is in favor of two states but no one is fooled by her contradictory positions on Israel.

Nixon is facing off against incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo tomorrow with Cuomo ahead in the latest polls by more than 40 points.


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