By Larry Gordon –

Today is Election Day in New York. The 5 boroughs are bracing themselves for the crowing of left wing liberal Bill DeBlassio. The former Public Advocate is making a lot of promises that he will not be able to fulfill just like his mentors Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton.

DeBlassio is promising to rescue New York from the 12-year rule of Michael Bloomberg. That is all fine and good except for the fact that the city did pretty darn well over the Bloomberg years. There is pretty much nothing that DeBlassio will be able to improve. By the sound of o tot seems that his subliminal or let’s call it his subconscious goal is to make things worse. For that he is certainly eminently qualified.

What are some of DeBlassio’s objectives? Well first and foremost he cannot wait to raise taxes on those in the top 5% of income earning category in New York. His philosophy like that of Mr. Obama’s is that if you can wrestle some of that money that those people earn and funnel it down to those who are more economically hard pressed then everything will work out just fine. However, it has been proven true again and again. It is good campaign rhetoric but what it essentially accomplishes is that it drives businesses and jobs out of the city.

Another goal is to reduce or redefine the way in which police have dramatically reduced crime in New York. I know it sounds absurd but one the crime statistics go up and there are more violent and other crimes in New York in the coming years, that is an indication that Mr. DeBlassio’s plan is working.

Of course no one wants to see people become victims of crime. But that will be the proven result if he is allowed to implement his policies. The only god thing about all this that as he sits in City Hall he will arrive at the eventual realization that is rhetoric designed to garner minority votes is just that—a lot of hot air.

Congratulations Mr. DeBlassio. Good luck New York.


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