I am much more comfortable with a leader in the White House going through a transformation than one who is committed to his or her convictions on issues. I did not vote for Barrack Obama and I was very hopeful that his would have been a one term presidency and just a blip on the screen of history.

But that was not to be and now the reality is that he is our president for the next four years.  It is difficult to adjust to, but this is a manifestation of the will of the majority of the people in the United States. So be it.

I additionally know that the president has through his first term taken some firm pro-Israel positions that would seem to contradict and fly in the face of everything he was supposed to have stood for.  Is he the modern day version of the biblical Bilaam who set out to verbally abuse and harm the fledgling Jewish nation only to have the words uncontrollably spill out of his in the form of prophecy and blessings about the glorious Jewish future?

Amongst other things Mr. Obama saw to it that Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile technology be funded and rapidly deployed.  This extremely costly system appears to have saved countless lives in the recent rocket assault aimed at Israel’s cities from the terror capital in Gaza.

And Mr. Obama stood form at the UN in voting against the little nudge forward that upgrades the status of Palestine in international forums.  The move, of course, meant nothing significant for the Palestinians other than solidify the fashion in which they were once characterized by the late Israel Ambassador to the UN, Abba Eban who said that, “The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Okay, so I cannot explain that angry and hostile look on Mr. Obama’s face when he sits in a room or at a press conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Maybe it’s all show stuff to placate a very large and even more hostile other side.  Whatever it is I have to say that I enjoy watching a president that is supposed to be anti-Israel to some extent do all these pro-Israel things.  It is much more satisfying than observing the super pro-Israel would be president, Mitt Romney doing all he very pro-Israel things expected of him.

Which brings us to nominees John Kerry and Chuck Hagel–Kerry for Secretary of State and Hagel at Defense.  The criticism of Hagel in particular is blistering and warranted.  But I’m beginning to get the feeling that he will be confirmed and we are going to see a man who is supposed to be inherently critical of Israel say things and implement policies that defy and contradict everything he is or was supposed to stand for.  The Bilaam story is a great one.  This one might be better.


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