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[..] Despite the fact that by definition this operation was tasked with taking out tunnels used for terror (as opposed to smuggling) it is wrong to view it solely through that prism.

The IDF, namely the air force, promised the public a short and strong offensive in which targeted attacks would hit high quality targets. The IDF had emptied its target bank from the last Gaza operation a year and a half ago — Operation Pillar of Defense — and has since banked an additional 1,257 targets which the IDF put in its sights upon embarking on Operation Protective Edge.

During the operation itself the IDF has added another 2,423 targets to the bank and all in all has targeted over 3,900 targets in Gaza — a number of which were hit more than once. According to the military, 1,542 rocket launching sites were hit as well as 143 arms factories and outposts.

However it seems that one number summarizes the operation’s true goal: The IDF has hit over 678 homes of Hamas commanders which were turned into terror command centers. This is a very high number, but sadly the IDF did not succeed to hit the commanders themselves, which are hiding inside bunkers or moving with packs of civilian shields.

These numbers are testament to Israeli intelligence. Apparently the Hamas leadership was and is also a target.

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Source: Israpundit


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