Anita Tucker is well known to many as, on one level, the voice or the conscience of Gush Katif—that is the once upon a time flourishing Jewish communities of Gaza. She, her husband Stewart, her children, their families and 9,000 other Jews were forcibly removed from their homes—as you will recall—in the summer of 2005.  It was a dramatic, extreme and colossal misjudgment by the then Israeli government of Ariel Sharon to make this grand under appreciated gesture in the interest of peace.

Today the punctuation on that grossly over sized error is every rocket fired from Gaza targeted by terrorists to murder and injure Jews in Israel.  Anita and her husband—after more than 7 years still reside in temporary housing in what was supposed to be a transitory city in the center if the country, Nitzan.

In Nitzan–which is about 10 or so miles from the Gaza border—there are no real shelters.  They were probably not worth constructing as the community was not supposed to exist this long.  Shortly after the evacuation from Gush Katif however, the missiles and rockets from Gaza began to land, maim and murder all around them from Sderot to Nitzan.

So the government brought in these gigantic thick concrete sewer pipes.  The people living in the flimsy bungalow type construction in Nitzan to this day flee to the sewer pipes when the sirens wail signaling an incoming rocket.

Last night Anita was forced to run to the sewer pipe/shelter several times. She writes that it was somewhat crowded and that while she was used to it and also possessed the strongest faith in Hashem’s plan to hand Gush Katif back to Israel, the children sitting huddled in the drain pipe “looked traumatized.”

Anita Tucker added that if you are brave enough—as she is—to step outside and watch the Iron Dome intercept and destroy the incoming rocket that it is quite “a show” and “some kind of sight to behold.”

She adds that the other day after a large missile landed in Rishon LTzion, she traveled to the community to give chizuk and encouragement to the community there.  She is really something else.

Let’s continue to hope and pray for the IDF quick success in excising this brazen enemy.  Shabbat Shalom 


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