By Chloe Valdary, INN

After the release of 26 murderers as a gesture of good faith to Abu Mazen’s relatively moderate terrorist organization, I wondered if anyone viewed Israel in a more favorable light. After all, what other nation would negotiate with terrorists in order to achieve a semblance of peace with those same terrorists? Would America release hundreds of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in an effort to make peace with the Taliban and al Qaeda? Would America do so to improve its image in the Muslim world? The answer is obvious but I think it’s necessary to examine why.

America would not release hundreds of terrorists in order to appease al Qaeda because it recognizes that al Qaeda will only be ultimately satisfied with the dissipation of Western civilization, the leader of which is the United States. So, to release terrorists would only serve as the first step in its own national suicide. The quid pro quo America would gain for its appeasement would be its eventual self-destruction.

America would also refrain from releasing terrorists to improve its image in the Muslim world because, from a philosophical perspective, it recognizes that a world which holds murderers in high esteem should itself be compelled to improve its image in the eyes of the Western world, and not the other way around. The onus therefore is upon the Muslim world to improve its relations with Western civilization. A good start would be to introspectively examine its own value system and cease from praising Jihad seekers who cause death and destruction, not demand that those same individuals be released in the name of a quasi- peace.

In other words, America realizes that when it comes to its own self-interests, negotiating for peace with those who seek, indeed, live, to see their destruction, is a futile mission. The creed upon which the United States was founded is ‘liberty and justice for all’, and as such it is their duty to resolutely uphold their good name and the principles upon which they were founded. To do anything else is to give those who question these principles moral legitimacy and a voice on the world stage.

I have no doubt that Israel’s leaders work according to this same formula. So how does one explain its actions vis-á-vis the erroneously titled ‘peace process’? Perhaps Israel believes that in being the ‘better person’ on the playground that is the Middle East where corrupt bullies are the norm and just democratic leaders are rarities, she will gain the favor of the rest of Western leadership both in America and Europe. And, in being the better person, this will gain favors from stronger Western countries with greater firepower which can be used in perhaps attacking a genocidal regime in a certain Persian country hellbent on starting another world war. I understand the logic, but Im afraid that Israel is horribly mistaken.

It is important to recognize that Israel is not being ‘the better person’ when it …read more
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